Praying Mantis – The Power of Stillness

It’s been quite a week and a half for me! It’s only now that I’m starting to get more centered. I’m regrouping, integrating, re-aligning. My thoughts are quieting down. My energies are finally starting to smoothen out, thankfully!

Yesterday, I started to feel exhausted at half past twelve noon. No, I didn’t have a heavy meal. And the heat of the sun wasn’t even that intense.

I took a three-hour nap but I woke up still feeling a bit tired! Plus, a severe headache which I knew wasn’t going to go way so soon, and which I also knew wasn’t simply because I ‘overslept’ in the afternoon.

I had a late afternoon swim in the sea which was so refreshing and rejuvenating! I just can’t have enough of it — swimming in the sea. It’s the most effective way for me to balance my energies. It’s quite healing and therapeutic and it isn’t just a form of physical exercise. It is in fact a spiritual, meditative practice for me.

The headache persisted though. It was much less severe but I was so zapped!

I had already been keeping to myself throughout the morning.  And I kept to myself throughout most of whatever was left of the day. I used every bit of energy available, within me and in my surroundings, to simply replenish myself. I just didn’t have any desire to engage and interact with anyone.

And then I found out last night that there was a series of solar flares, one which is X-class at that, at just about the time that I was experiencing the exhaustion. Whew!

My exhaustion may have also been a result of all the energy build-up and energy bursts the past couple of weeks — individually and collectively.

And when a praying mantis greeted me this morning in the toilet, I knew there was a message for me — too significant a message to be ignored.

Keep still. Pause. Hush.

The message came to me the past week quite clearly, and loudly I must add, in three distinct ways.

First, the “pause” image was printed on a T-shirt of someone I had just met. He is a kindred spirit with important messages for me, “pause” being only one of them! It’s one of those synchronistic encounters, and I’m still in the process of flowing with the energies, allowing things to naturally and divinely unfold as I gain clarity.


Then, when I had my morning cup of tea the other day, the message on a Traditional Medicinals tea bag label read, “Pause.” It’s one of the reasons I so love this brand of tea. Apart from being organic, there are messages printed on each tea bag label. So I get an affirming message each time I have a cup of tea. And the messages are always valid and as always, a timely reminder!

Each Traditional Medicinals tea bag label has affirming messages such as "Pause", "Be Heard", "Renew."

Each Traditional Medicinals tea bag label has affirming messages such as “Pause”, “Be Heard”, “Renew.”

And finally, the appearance of a praying mantis on top of the toilet water tank this morning!

Keep still. Pause. Hush.

Alright. I get it!

animalspeakPraying Mantis is the epitome of the power of stillness, as explained by Ted Andrews, author of  Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small.

“There are tales of the praying mantis found within African lore. To the Kalahari Bushmen of Africa, Mantis was a Bushmen. There are abundant tales that speak of Mantis and his adventures.

In many ways, they are similar to the coyote tales of Plains Indians and the raven tales of Northwest Indians. Whenever Mantis would get himself into trouble, he would go off and hide. He would then go to sleep and dream his solution.

This epitomizes the keynote for this insect — the power of stillness. Through learning to still the outer mind and go within, we can draw upon greater power — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. That stillness can be simple contemplation, meditation, or even sleep and dreams. The ancient mystics spoke of seven levels of silence that can be used by us, the first being simple contemplation and the last being death. In between them are dimensions that can add tremendous power to our life.

This is part of what the praying mantis teaches. It teaches how to still the outer, so that when it is time to act (in any form), it is done with surety, accuracy and great power.

According to the Random House Dictionary of the English Language, mantis comes from the Greek word meaning “Prophet.” If we learn to go into the stillness, we can open ourselves into prophecy. One form of meditation sometimes taught in conjunction with traditional kung fu is “chi kung.” This type of meditation helps the individual to go within and direct the body’s life force along specific avenues, strengthening and empowering it through the various organs and systems of the body. This has healing and strengthening applications. We can learn to use the stillness in varying degrees — whether for creativity or for healing — and this is part of what the praying mantis teaches. It is this ability for stillness that makes the mantis a great hunter and enables it to survive. It will wait motionless, blending into its surroundings. Then at the most opportune time, it will grasp its prey in its long forelegs which fold over its victim like a jackknife upon it.

For those with this totem, some examination may be necessary. Are you letting others know your plans before they are even laid? Are you being indiscriminate in what you say and to whom? Are you being impatient? Are you needing help meditating and quieting the outer mind? Are you missing opportunities to grasp life’s rewards because you act or speak too hastily?

All valid questions for reflection and introspection indeed!

Keep still. Pause. Hush.

Thank you Praying Mantis for the gift of the reminder of the power of stillness.

And so it is!

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9 Responses to Praying Mantis – The Power of Stillness

  1. Would that I had your knowledge and wisdom. I too have been plagued by a dreadful headache recently and felt the need to withdraw! Now I have a possible explanation I will be kinder to myself x Hope you are restored now x

    Sent by Brenda Kimmins



    • Thank you Brenda. I am feeling ‘better’ now. These energy surges, transitions, shifts….I’ve gotten used to them but they still affect and impact me tremendously, ironic as that sounds. And as I said, I’m blessed to have found a way to live by the sea, as swimming in it has proven to be the most healing, balancing and therapeutic for me. Otherwise, I’d most certainly go haywire! Keep well, much blessings…Namaste…☀♥♥♥☀NadineMarie☀♥♥♥☀


  2. Noel says:

    Swimming in the sea… I am so jealous!:)


  3. Mustafa Wright says:

    The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. -Helen KellerOm Shree, Mustafa Wright


  4. Swimming in the sea sounds wonderful and what a wonderful and interesting message from your Praying Mantis…I hope you’re feeling better now, too!


    • Yes, I am feeling much calmer and centered now, thank you! It’s all part of the journey, and yes, swimming in the sea is the most healing for me! Animals have been my constant messengers with truly fascinating and always timely messages and reminders! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Lauren. You too keep well and be Light! 🙂


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