I Deserve It All; I Want It All; I Can Have It All! – Why Siquijor Is Not The Island Home For Me

I deserve it all. I want it all. And I can have it all! Simply the best. Nothing less.

This is why I’m saying no the island of Siquijor.

Just as I said no to the energies of the couple who owns the cottage where I stayed for five months.

Siquijor is not a major tourist destination in the Philippines. Not yet, hence, it isn’t crowded. It isn’t quite ‘touristy.’ And there are more foreign than local tourists which is very good news. Why? Because the majority of the Filipino tourists are noisy and messy. They have no concern and care for the environment. I’m not saying all; I’m saying the majority. It is a fact. No Filipino, unless in denial, should be offended by what I said.

Peace and quiet. Safety and security. Friendliness and genuine hospitality of the natives of the island. Laid back lifestyle. Freshly caught fish. Locally available fruits and vegetables.

Sure I was blessed with all that. And I savored them all. Truly.

But that isn’t all. That isn’t all that brings me joy.

There’s more. Much more than what isn’t on the island.

Low tide means no water

Sandugan Beach, Siquijor Island Image Source: http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/

Sandugan Beach, Siquijor Island Image Source: http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/

During the months of September until January, when it’s low tide, it is reeeally low tide.

There’s hardly any water near the shore that’s deep enough to swim. Even if it’s high tide. It’s the same anywhere else on the island. The only place where there’s deep water all year round, high or low tide, is Salagdoong Beach.

Look, I have chosen to live on an island because I want to swim daily. Swim. Not to simply wet my feet or wade in the water. Swim. And not only to admire the vista of the sea. Swim in the sea. And not a swimming pool.

That is so clear to me. A non-negotiable.

And I’m not even that tall ‘mind you, to require really deep water in order to enjoy swimming! 🙂

Initially, I compromised.

Maybe I could still make it work. During these ‘lean’ months, I could travel to Salagdoong for my daily swim.

And I did just that. I gave it a shot — I travelled to Salagdoong for my daily swim.

Part of simplifying my life, of rightsizing, is to not own a vehicle. Maybe not until I have finally manifested my geographical island home.

I’ve gotten used to taking public transportation. The tricycle is the standard mode of public transportation in these provincial islands. Tricycles are much more affordable and readily-available. There are also motorcycles which can be rented also at affordable rates. But I don’t drive a motorbike. Not yet anyway. And I really don’t know if I ever will.

Riding a tricycle is like riding a motorbike. You’re subjected to the strong winds constantly hitting you hard. Although not as bad since tricycles have a roof. Still, it’s not as comfortable as a private vehicle. My respiratory system is the weakest of my systems, so being subjected to all that harsh wind blowing at me wasn’t doing me any good.

Sure, that’s what jackets are for.


Do I need to go through all that, subject my body to all that, risking my health, only in order to swim?

Hmmm…Siquijor isn’t the only island you know. I’m sure there’s an island somewhere where there’s water deep enough to swim even if it’s low tide, and all throughout the year.

Where’s the café?

The island is also simply too rural for me.

No cafes or museums, and other places of interest to hang out. To chill. Again, sure, isn’t that what the beaches are for?

Sometimes though, I just want a different energy. The energy that I experience and feel only when I’m in a café.

And to even look for a moviehouse? That’s stretching it.

But I surely do miss all these.

Not to mention dancing. Salsa dancing!

It’s a remote island, what can I expect, right?

There also wasn’t any TV set at the cottage where I stayed. That didn’t help. Maybe if I had cable connection, I wouldn’t have been as antsy.

So I gave it a shot again — I travelled to the closest city to experience what I was missing. Dumageuete, the capital city of Negros Oriental.

Airport and university. Hotels and more resorts. A mall with a moviehouse. Cafes, other shops and modern establishments.

To see and experience all these at the city of Dumaguete means a two-hour uncomfortable ferry ride. I was zapped when I returned in the evening! It was too stressing for me that it took me one full day after the trip before I was able to rebalance my energies!

Once more, do I need to go through all that, subject my system to all the harsh and dense energy during the ride, only in order to enjoy some city energy?

Hmmm…Other islands are not that remote you know.

So was I settling for less again?

I would if I chose to stay.

All these plus my experiences at the cottage where I stayed, the very unpleasant interactions and most disrespectful treatment that was accorded me by the property owners.

Image Source: http://pixabay.com/

Image Source: http://pixabay.com/

These are more than enough and clear indications and sure signs that I would be settling had I chosen to still stay.


No more settling for less.

There are non-negotiables. The no-less-than’s.

Choosing to stay on the island of Siquijor is for me, choosing less than. Doing so would only mean that I’m settling. When I choose less than, joy is removed from the equation. And that clearly is settling for less. Again.


I deserve it all. I want it all. And I can have it all!

The island of Siquijor simply isn’t for me. Like all my other previous island explorations.

And there isn’t anything wrong with these islands. They simply aren’t for me. None of them come close to my island home.

If the Philippines were made up of only three or four islands, perhaps I’d be willing to compromise. Not settle. Compromise.

But, hey, with 7,100 islands, there’s got to be at least one that would be the island home for me! 🙂 And that is also, only if I limit myself to the Philippines… 😉

Moving along then in the process of manifesting and co-creating my geographical island home on Earth….

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4 Responses to I Deserve It All; I Want It All; I Can Have It All! – Why Siquijor Is Not The Island Home For Me

  1. Dear Nadine Marie,
    YAY for not settling!!!!!!
    Blessings, Sparkles and Love,


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