No More Excuses; No More Settling For Less

The need for privacy. Private space which isn’t to be shared with anyone else, as well as some shared space and shared resources.

Alone time. Down time.  Silence and solitude. Peace and quiet.

Simple yet comfortable island life. Nothing excessive but not feeling deprived.

At the same time, strong cell signal, internet connection, cable TV — I sure can and may be able to live without them, but without any of these, I cannot and will not be able to live in joy.

These are only some of my essentials and non-negotiables for my living space and arrangement.

The list gets tweaked as I move along my journey of manifesting my geographical island home on earth. And my desire for a community surely is still on the list.

But it’s no longer a compelling, obsessive desire. No longer the driving force to want, to so desperately want to be in a specific location. No longer the only reason whether or not to stay.

Deep, soul connection

I still prefer to be surrounded by people with whom I have  deep, soul connections.

But this preference is no longer the basis for me to choose a specific location.

And the absence of such is likewise, no longer the basis for me to say no to the place.

After all, thanks to the internet, I’m finding such connections on-line.

Yet, whether or not I find myself being in a community with whom I share common values and principles, lifestyles and philosophies, I’m getting so much clearer on what I am and am not allowing from the people, from the community.

Intellectually, I get it. Intellectually, the picture is getting so much more vivid.

Practicing saying no to the energies which do not resonate with me, quickly and easily — it is something I am still in the process of mastering. My lesson of setting boundaries.

Thank you but no, thank you. That simply isn’t for me.

The topography and landscape of a place also isn’t simply going to be the basis of my choice.

Yet this is exactly what happened.

The property stands on top of the cliff, overlooking three nearby major islands. The breath-taking view and magnificent beauty around me. Peace and quiet. Daily golden sunsets.

Siquijor Island, Visayas, Philippines

Siquijor Island, Visayas, Philippines

I was blinded by the ‘beauty’ of the place, the location of the property.

Ironically, I was overlooking and turning a blind eye, a deaf ear to the ‘ugly’ characters of the owners.

Sometimes we look so far away that we fail to see what’s close by; Sometimes we choose to look far away because we refuse to see what’s nearby.

I put up with it. I didn’t say no as quickly as when I first saw the signs.

 I was settling.

Ooops…Haven’t I already identified settling for less as an old belief? Old energy. Old earth.

Ahhh…This experience has simply provided me an opportunity to practice saying no to what no longer serves me.

So I’m not leaving any room for it. Not saving a seat. Not now. Not ever. Not in the new.

And I’m saying no to that old energy as I left the cottage where I stayed for five months. It is why I left. Finally.

I deserve simply the best, nothing less, nothing else.

Disrespectful behavior. Lack of concern and uncaring attitude, especially in times of crisis and emergency. Inauthenticity.  Not owning up to one’s mistakes.  Rejecting my light, the Light that I am simply because I’m reflecting back something they refuse to see, or aren’t ready to face, accept and address.

These are all enough, more than enough reasons to say, “Thank you but no, thank you.”

That simply isn’t good enough for me. It isn’t worthy of my time, energy and attention.

No more excuses. No more allowances. No more settling for less. I deserve simply the best.

I AM so worthy and so much more than good enough. My value and self-worth are immeasurable.

The message I conveyed as I left the cottage. I’m way beyond what the owners are willing, able and capable of giving.

I say that not with arrogance but with much confidence, clarity and determination — that I AM so deserving of so, so much more.

Without sounding condescending or judgmental, there simply is a mismatch in energies. A misalignment. An imbalance in the exchange of energies.

I am capable, willing and able to give so much more but the owners  can only give so much.

Sorry, not enough!

Give and receive — Not give and take

A balanced, healthy and loving relationship is between a giver and a receiver, and vice versa. Not a one-way flow of energies where one is the giver and the other is simply, only a receiver, or worse, a taker.

But that’s what they are. That’s what they were when I was there.

Not only did they not have as much capacity to give, they even took more than what they could give.

Receivers can give back to us, takers cannot and they do not.” ~ Jennifer Hoffman

And I’m saying no to that.

I honor and respect where they are in their journey, but I’m not willing to walk the same path with them.

So not willing.

Thank you but no, thank you. No more excuses. No more allowances. No more settling for less. I deserve simply the best.

I left the cottage, yes, with some heaviness from all the stress, hence the need for much rest and rebalancing.

Yet I walked away with much appreciation and gratitude for the learning. For the growth.

No more excuses. No more allowances. No more settling for less.

I walked away from the cottage with no looking back.

No turning back. No doubts. No uncertainties. No regrets. No what-if’s. 

I walked away with one clear message.

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10 Responses to No More Excuses; No More Settling For Less

  1. rhcwilliams says:

    You go, girl! Keep speaking true and “doing you!” This post is so inspiring. Ruth 🙂


  2. You are flowing freely in your calling and continue to touch others and transcend beyond previous boundaries. Like the butterfly, you seem to flow without judgment, enjoying the glory of the universe.


  3. Dear Nadine Marie,
    Say, “NO” to claim yourself. What a perfect message. Kudos for daring to be you and inspiring so many to be the same!!!
    Blessings, Sparkles and Love,


    • Thank you Brenda! 🙂

      Saying “NO” is one way, it paves the way for me to say “YES” to who I AM! And yes, much YAY to me!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      And Much Love and Much Blessings to you dear ♥! It brightens my spirit when you sprinkle this site with your Light! 🙂


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