“George Clooney Has Yet To Meet the Love Of His Life” & Dreaming About Him

I dreamt of George Clooney several nights ago. No, nothing that needs censoring. Nothing that I’m too embarrassed to talk about publicly. Actually, how I wish my dream were as juicy and hot as I’d preferred! It is George Clooney after all! Two-time Sexiest Man Alive. Fantasized, drooled over by countless women (and men), yours truly not excluded.

In fact, I can’t even recall anymore the details of my dream. All I remember is I dreamt about George Clooney.

My immediate reaction the morning after was, “What’s the message?” My usual reaction to dreams and every other experience and interaction in my life.

I immediately put on my Jungian analyst hat. I dissect the dream. Find the symbolisms, the archetypes. I dig deep into what the underlying messages are.

What is it about George Clooney that is represented in my life? Or is calling for my attention?

George is famous for being single and dating top models who are almost half his age. George and his fear of commitment. A label quickly plastered on by society to someone who is middle-aged and has never married. Or who has in their younger years, but has divorced and hasn’t remarried since.

In other words, single — still.

Being labeled single doesn’t faze me.

But when accompanied with still, now that is the surest, quickest way and enough incentive for me to speak my mind against it and give a mouthful — to clarify and correct one of the many distorted and limiting beliefs and thought patterns that society has ingrained into our psyche. And I am sure to fire away! 🙂

And you’d better get out of my way. 🙂 It is one instance when I will not walk away. Not until after I have said my piece.

When one chooses to be single, that’s all it is. A choice.

No different from when someone chooses to be part of a couple. Married or not. To the opposite gender or not. To raise a family or not — traditional or modern.

Being single. Being married. A choice. A preference without one being “better” than the other.

Some prefer vanilla; others chocolate. That’s all it is.

Sometimes we stick to our choices and preferences; Sometimes they change over time.

Nothing is ever cast in stone anyway. And again, it is what it is.

Having said that, I’m still unclear as to why George showed up in my dream.

My thoughts and experiences recently have nothing to do with dating and relationships. Far from it. So what’s your message, Georgey boy?

I google and the latest news about him talks about Sandra Bullock, his co-star in his latest movie Gravity, and Sandra “ditching” George.

Nothing resonates still. Plus I already read the article a couple of days prior.

No new news. No goose bumps.

Nothing. Nada.

I let it go concluding that maybe I’m simply being reminded that I’ve been so focused and so serious on my healing journey, particularly my process of manifesting my geographical island home on Earth and the lessons that I’m mastering — that I need to lighten up a bit.

And I do.

I really do need to lighten up.

Maybe I’m being reminded that I have been neglecting the relationship and dating aspect of my life. Which is also so, so true.

And this morning, George Clooney is in the news once more. George Clooney Has Yet to Meet the Love of His Life, People.com’s article on him.

Interestingly, George talks about what being “home” means to him —

“Home is humor … and love and responsibility … and I get homesick when the people who know that best and I can’t find the time to be together.”

Last night, I published my post “Coming Home To My Inner Family.” We all have our own definition of what constitutes a “home.”

One thing is for sure.

Being at peace with my inner community and being at home with my inner family may be essential, as I pointed out in my earlier post.

But it is sharing that with another, those with similar values, and as George says, ”finding the time to be together” — that is quintessential.

Thanks for the reminder Georgey boy! Next round is on me. 😉

To read the article George Clooney Has Yet to Meet the Love of His Life, click on this link http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20761853,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

P.S. There’s still a part of me that’s believing there’s more to my dream than this article and the message that I’ve just concluded from it. 😉 Hey, we all can dream, can’t we? I can dream about my dream, can’t I? And if it’s about George, anytime! All the time! 🙂

P.S. 2. If you’re one of the subscribers to this blog and you initially received an email notification about this post and the link was missing, that’s because I “accidentally” hit the “publish” button right away before editing it. And I deleted that unedited published version, the one prior to this one. Sorry about that. And this post was actually initially intended for my private blog, and I thought I was writing from that site and adding a new post to it. I guess I was simply too excited — it is about George Clooney after all! 😉

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