Weather Disturbances: Cleansing of Mother Earth

Mother Earth will use earthquakes, floods, fires, volcanoes, hurricanes and other weather conditions to cleanse and draw attention to systems that need to be changed.” ~ Diane Cooper, 2012 and Beyond: An Invitation to Meet the Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

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In my earlier post, I talked about the power of prayer and the possibility of minimizing the effect and damage of weather disturbances. Perhaps prayer may even help in completely altering the direction of such occurrences. Maybe.

But, what if, despite all concerted efforts to pray, after having set out the intention, what if they still do take place? And there’s a huge likelihood that weather disturbances will. What now? What next? What can one do and make of it?

Does that mean the prayers were not heard? Might there be a way to view it, to view the calamity or crisis from a higher perspective, to help us lessen the already pervading energy of fear? Is there anything apart from praying, anything in addition to praying, that we can do to help lessen the frequency or intensity of these weather disturbances?

I don’t mean to diminish the devastating effect that disasters have on those who have been affected. Regardless of the extent, the damage on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels are unfathomable. I can’t even begin to imagine how one feels when lives and homes are lost.

2012andbeyondBut in Diane Cooper’s 2012 and Beyond: An Invitation to Meet the Challenges and Opportunities Ahead, she helps us see the bigger picture and have a higher perspective of the earth changes and natural disasters which have been occurring — why they are happening, and why in the frequency and with the intensity.

 “Based on the current consciousness, by 2017 Mother Earth will start a major programme of detoxification, throwing off negativity created by the physical and emotional poisons we humans have dumped into her. Between 2012 and 2032 all the dark places on the entire planet are to be cleansed, and Earth can then raise its frequency and ascend to take its rightful place in the universe once more. The more light we humans bring through us into the Earth, the less purification will be needed. We have the power to change all the possibilities into a gentle transition….Where cleansing takes place we will regard the destruction with human eyes as horrific. But it will open the hearts of all…. The cleansing will be worldwide… Mother Earth will use earthquakes, floods, fires, volcanoes, hurricanes and other weather conditions to cleanse and draw attention to systems that need to be changed…. If enough people have awakened their twelve chakras so that Source energy pours through them into the Earth to heal it, less cleansing by the forces of nature will be necessary.” Please click here to read the entirety of the chapter, The Cleansing of the Planet.

We can contribute to the planetary shifts. We can assist in the cleansing and purging of the negativity and raising of the earth’s vibration.

One way is by ensuring that we consciously choose and allow only those thoughts and emotions of the highest vibrational frequency to pervade our system. I’m not suggesting that we deny ourselves of the experience of such normal and humanly emotions, like fear, worry or anger, especially when catastrophes happen. Otherwise, we will only be repressing them and end up with “spiritual bypassing.” More damage to the psyche.

I am extending an invitation for us to make a conscious effort, a deliberate choice to catch ourselves when we are filled with fear.

Perhaps we can choose to not allow ourselves to be in a constant state of fear or worry.

Perhaps we can choose to not be swayed by all the doomsayers and all the messages and news that we hear and see, all of which are intended to merely weigh us down even more, and to feed the energy of fear.

Interestingly again, as I’m writing this, this post from Louise Hay‘s facebook page comes through.

When I hear of any crises in the world, I immediately surround the whole situation with white light. I send love and healing energy to everyone connected with it, including whomever may have done the damage. Rage and fear don’t heal anything. Hatred begets hatred. An “eye-for-eye” philosophy makes everyone blind.

I seldom read newspapers or watch TV news. I refuse to clutter my mind with most media turbulence. The media is good at stirring up our emotions and selling fear. If you read a newspaper from cover to cover every day, you’ll live in fear. They want you to buy a new paper each day to find out what to be afraid of that day. It’s the same with the television news. If you want to sleep poorly, watch the late-night news just before you go to sleep.

So, know that we each live under the law of our own consciousness. You are a beautiful, wonderful creation of God. Your strength comes from your connection to Source. Living in constant gratitude and appreciation brings good into our lives.

Let’s you and I, every time a thought of war or any conflict of any kinds come to mind, say with conviction, THE WORLD IS BEING MADE A SAFE PLACE FOR ME, AND I AM CONTRIBUTING TO THAT SAFETY.

The opening line of a famous hymn says: Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me. We can make a difference. Use your powerful mind to help create the world you want to live in.”

When we hear of a calamity, when we experience a crisis or tragedy, rather than watch or act with fear and worry, may we remind ourselves and choose to respond instead with nothing but love and compassion.

Then we lessen the negativity. The need for detoxification and purification is minimized.

And that can be our contribution. A huge and significant contribution.

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