Jesus Mary Joseph: The Secret Legacy of Jesus and Mary Magdalene by Ariadne Green – Download for FREE

JMJ-cover-blue-1-fb-200x300For the longest time, I’ve been fascinated with Mary Magdalene and her relationship with Jesus. Back in my teens, I already had the knowing that they are a couple. Twin flames. Divine mates. Mary Magdalene is the wife of Jesus.

Of the many false teachings about Mary Magdalene that deeply irked me, even as a young child, is her image as a sinful prostitute! Something that has been ingrained deeply in the psyche of every member of the Catholic Church. It simply didn’t feel right. Her being a whore didn’t have the slightest reverberation of the truth to me. I don’t know how I knew that. I had no evidence. I couldn’t prove it. But I simply knew that she isn’t that.

And because I was born and raised Catholic, and I attended an exclusive girls’ school which was run by Catholic nuns, I didn’t have anyone to talk with about what I had felt and known. Not amongst my family or any of my classmates. I didn’t dare.

I’m now a “recovered” Catholic. I no longer have any apprehension or fear of being ostracized as a result of my unconventional belief and controversial stand about Mary Magdalene. I am embracing my being a maverick. An outcast. Excommunicated. It doesn’t matter. I have already excommunicated myself anyway, as I haven’t been attending the services of the Catholic Church for several years now. 😉

I have so much respect and high regard for Mary Magdalene — for what she truly represents, her embodiment of the Sacred Feminine, the sanctity of her relationship with Jesus, her spiritual teachings and her profound wisdom. The woman whom Jesus loved more than his disciples.

Over the years, I devoured whatever books and materials I could feast on about Mary Magdalene and the true nature of her relationship with Jesus. (The works of Margaret Starbird, Elaine Pagels to name a few.) The more controversial, the better! Of course I couldn’t put down the Da Vinci Code, and I watched the movie version on its first day of showing, the very first screening time! 🙂

And I’m excited that there’s a new book, Jesus Mary Joseph: The Secret Legacy of Jesus and Mary Magdalene which talks about “Jesus and Mary’s relationship as Divine Complements.”

Author Ariadne Green shows the reader how “what Jesus accomplished in his long life would not have been possible without the love and constant reflection of his equal and Divine Complement, his beloved Magdalene…that there was a mythological basis to his [Jesus’} life and Mary’s, but one with an altogether different mythological theme than that of a dying God. It is his story and her story woven together that form a new image and more authentic history of Jesus Christ, one that the chapters of this book are meant to illuminate.”

Jesus Mary Joseph: The Secret Legacy of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is pre-launched as an ebook and is available for download for FREE on Amazon Kindle for 5 days beginning November 11. Click here to download. Click here to go to the author’s site and know more about the book.

About Nadine Marie (Aligning With Truth)

I find much joy & fulfillment in sharing my experiences & insights through writing & blogging. I created the site, ALIGNING WITH TRUTH as a virtual center for healing where I share my thoughts & reflections, as well as the tools & resources that are helping me as I move along the path of awakening & coming home to the Self. As I live in joy & align with Truth, I AM shining my Light which is how I contribute to the planetary & humanity ascension. Brightest & Magical Blessings!!! Om Shanti. Namaste...💗💖💜Nadine Marie💜💖💗
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6 Responses to Jesus Mary Joseph: The Secret Legacy of Jesus and Mary Magdalene by Ariadne Green – Download for FREE

  1. Noel says:

    Nadine, I can identify with you. Having being a Catholic in the past, and no longer practicing Catholicism, I too feel a sense of liberty. I don’t necessarily try to be controversial, but the views that I have now may as well be considered that. For instance, I believe that the teachings of Jesus and Paul contradict each other. Also, I doubt that Jesus considered himself a divine being, although he definitely was a reflection of what God is all about. But he was not the only one. Interesting book. I may read it some day.


    • Liberating indeed Noel! 🙂 Although, even if I have now opened myself to all kinds of faith, and no longer have any religion, a concept that the average Filipino has a difficulty understanding or respecting, I have not renounced ALL the Catholic teachings. I’ve taken with me those which ring true to me and are serving me well. Not limiting myself to only one religion has in fact strengthened my faith. My spirituality deepened as well as my relationship with the Divine which is within me — something again that goes against the Catholic teachings and which I fully respect.

      There was a time when I was so active in the Catholic Church and I immersed in her teachings and practices. It’s what I needed and served me at the time. It simply is no longer for me now.

      It’s all good though; We’re all good. 🙂

      Thanks Noel for visiting and sharing your experiences, as always.

      Much Love and Much Blessings to you…Namaste…♥♥♥NadineMarie♥♥♥


  2. Noel says:

    Actually, I just realized the book was free in Kindle, so I just got it in my Kindle…. 🙂


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  4. Ariadne says:

    Hi Nadine Marie,
    Just saw you post on the release of my latest book Jesus Mary Joseph. Hope you enjoyed the book and if you haven’t posted your review on Amazon I hope you will give it a 5 star review. Aligning With Truth these days seems a bit of conundrum as there are so many opinions and conflicting stories and histories to sift through. I hope you found my research and insights enlightening. Here is little video I put together on the Flemish artist, Rogier van der Weyden’s Magdalene heresy. Hope you enjoy it.
    Ariadne Green


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