Philippines Super Typhoon Haiyan (“Yolanda”) and Other Disasters & Catastrophes: Can We Pray Them Away?

The Philippines is a country that experiences several natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes. But there’s no denying that there’s been a worldwide increase in floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other weather disturbances and disasters in recent years.

Some of us may have been, sadly, directly affected.  Some have been spared. Some have been merely witnessing from the sidelines, watching the horrific news as it unfolds.

In any case, what can one make of all these? What is one to do?

The power of our thoughts

It is easy, and quite instinctively, to feel discouraged and fearful. To feel hopeless and helpless. To worry. To panic. It’s a normal, natural reaction. But is it healthy? Is it helpful?

Thoughts have power. Tremendous power beyond what we may even imagine or realize.

Much has been written and talked about how thoughts create our reality.  Numerous research work and experiments have been conducted.

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The Double Slit Experiment, an experiment by Thomas Young in 1803. It’s been used to prove that we create reality just by observing it and by how we observe it. Image Source:

Quantum Theory has provided an explanation to support the results of these experiments proving the power of our thoughts. The double-slit experiment shows that the process of observing and the participation itself of the observer or experimenter, affect the outcome of an experiment.  It has proven and it is the basis of the view that an individual can and does affect the result or outcome of an event or state of reality.

When we are in constant fear, the energy of fear is absorbed in every cell of our bodies.  We also send the same signals through the ether. The energy of fear travels to other individuals and other places.

Through the Law of Attraction, when the energy finds another thought which resonates with the same vibration of fear, the frequency is magnified. And when more similar thoughts resonate with each other, powerful fear thought-forms are created. They float in the ether, waiting to be latched on to by thoughts that vibrate a similar frequency. Can you imagine how voluminous these thought-forms are that are hovering around us, without us even knowing it?

How many fear-based thoughts do we have everyday? How many of these are truly our own? Which ones have come through the ether and were influenced or magnified by thought-forms, those which we simply, unknowingly picked up and unconsciously allowed to enter our system, mind and body?

Similarly, the same process applies to high-vibrating thoughts and emotions such as love, kindness, joy and compassion.

When natural disasters, or any crisis for that matter, occur, do we simply worry and hold fear-based thoughts, automatically? Or do we instead make a conscious choice to shift to love-filled thoughts and emotions?

Many research studies have found that just 1% of a population practising Transcendental Meditation is sufficient to bring about a significant reduction in crime, sickness and accidents. This effect has been called the “Maharishi Effect” by scientists.” (Source: TM North West London & Hertfordshire)

Rain, rain, go away, Come again another day…..Can we truly pray the rain away?

There were a lot of fear-based thoughts which pervaded in social networking sites in anticipation of and preparation for super typhoon Haiyan (“Yolanda”). Many fear-based messages were circulated.

And yet, countless prayers and loving thoughts also outpoured from all over the world.

The damaging and devastating effects in affected areas are unimaginable. But there are also places which were alerted yet the damage is minimal. Typhoon intensity signal #4 was raised in the city of Puerto Princesa in Palawan but the impact wasn’t as bad as forewarned. I’m on the island of Siquijor but we didn’t experience the intensity of the typhoons as was predicted.

Sure, typhoons naturally get really unpredictable. They change courses abruptly. But might it also be the effect of the outpouring of prayers and the holding and sending of loving thoughts?

When a certain number of people come together and they choose at a moment in time to create a precise emotion in their hearts, that emotion literally can intentionally influence the very fields that sustain the life on planet earth.” – Gregg Braden

A beacon of worry or hope? 

When we hear of a weather disturbance, we can be concerned but not worry unnecessarily.

When our thoughts become consumed with worry, we become a beacon of worry to the world. If prayer is an intention that we announce to the universe in order to create a desired outcome, then our every thought is a prayer. This includes thoughts of worry as well as of hope.” ~ Madisyn Taylor, co-founder and editor-in-chief of DailyOM (

(Click here to read Madisyn Taylor’s article in full, When Worry Becomes a Prayer: Creating What We Don’t Want. Interestingly, it was published yesterday as I was writing this post. A clear validation from the Universe on the relevance of the topic.)

Our ancestors prayed to the gods as part of their daily lives. They offered to the gods. They prayed to the gods for food, for sunshine and rain (to come or to stop). They prayed to ask for all that they need; They prayed thanks when they received what they need. They prayed for babies; They prayed for their enemies. They prayed to the gods for the healing of the sick. They prayed for the living; They prayed for the dying.

Praying to the gods for all their needs in their daily existence was a way of life of our ancestors. Perhaps, we can be like them — more prayerful instead of fearful; more mindful and careful of our thoughts.

Perhaps we can begin to accept that we are powerful in ways beyond measure. We have the power to overcome any adversity; We have the power to create our reality.

We then become beacons of hope and love, instead of fear and worry.

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