Waking Up to the Songs of the Birds

It is one of those early mornings, when I am awoken at a little past five o’clock. My wake-up call? The melodious singing of the birds! It surely is a soothing feast for the weary soul. To be in the company of and serenaded by these angelic winged beings.

I am gifted by Lady Gaia with the peace and serenity in my midst. With only the distant faint sound of the waves rushing unto shore as background, these lovely winged creatures serenade me for a full two and a half hours!

While I am the only one awake in the neighborhood, and for the next couple and a half hours, I watch the birds in awe take flight from one treetop to another. I listen with much content to the bird calls and bird songs filling the air. Meanwhile, the sun rays slowly peep through the leaves and my surrounding area is gradually brightening up.

Who is calling to whom? What are they calling out for? Is it the male bird attracting his female mate? Are they calling for food? Is the little one calling for her parent? I’m not a bird expert yet I don’t intuitively feel any harshness or aggression in the bird calls, so the lovely sounds, the harmonious music they’re making couldn’t be warning signals. Perhaps they’re simply greeting me and cheering me with, “A pleasant morning!

Come eight o’clock, busyness will be in my surroundings. Much to my displeasure, there’s construction work being done in the property.  Such moments of pure tranquility and bliss in my midst are sadly, currently quite limited.

I savor such treasured blessings from the gods. I’m ever grateful knowing not many are blessed to wake up to the songs of the birds, one of the many bringers of messages of Spirit.

Bird Medicine

animalspeakIn his book Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small, Ted Andrews writes that “birds are the primary symbols for the Initiation of Air, the learning to open more fully to Divine ideas, ideas that link normal consciousness to the universal. It speaks of opportunity to develop and manifest the highest forms of intuition. Air is also essential to life. You live through breathing and you breathe in air. Whatever air is blowing around you is what you will take into yourself. This initiation reflects new learning in control of your surroundings and your life. Learning to control what you allow in your life is what your bird totems can teach you most effectively.” Ahhhh…yet another reminder of my life-long lesson of boundary-setting. I am being reminded of what I take in my life and allow in my space. “Strength and self-mastery—with a new sense of responsibility is part of this initiation. Learning to bridge and open to new energies and dimensions is what birds often reflect. Birds are calls to creative expression that will enable you to rise over certain elements of your life.”

Ted further explains that “birds remind you that you can fly if you learn to use your own wings, your inspiration, creativity and your intuition.” He reiterates that flight symbolizes departing from the earth and rising up to the heavens, as well as descending from the sky and landing upon the earth.

Image source: http://www.cms.edu/

Image source: http://www.cms.edu/

Birds are the bridge between humans and the divine, the Earth and Heaven. They are the symbols of transcendence, the rising above lower natures…a taming or rising above a juvenile nature. Often times liberation from any state of being that is too fixed, final or immature is reflected through bird symbology and appearances. They are the ultimate symbols of release from any pattern of existence to a more superior one. Birds reflect a union of the conscious mind with the unconscious…the achievement of full realization. Because of their ability to fly, they are associated with aspiration, flights of intuition, beauty, and levitation. Birds are a source of creative imagination, and they have the ability to awaken within us our own flights of magic.”

Birds generally possess excellent vision, a much improved and far better one than humans. They are able to judge distances. “Many of them have eyes on both sides of the head which enables them to see things approaching from more directions at the same time.” And this visual perspective is one of the lessons we can learn from birds — “to see more clearly that which is at a distance and develop higher forms of intuitive discrimination.”

“A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.” ~ Chinese Proverb

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5 Responses to Waking Up to the Songs of the Birds

  1. Kitten says:

    Nadine – I was just introduced to the idea of animals as messengers and guides. I would love the chance to discuss spiritual awakening with you.


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