How to Respond Rather than React

I’ve recently come across some sites where I found some comments and responses to be quite offensive and disrespectful. They were not directed at me, thankfully. Still, I feel they crossed the line.

I’m reminded of the times when I do the same thing — when I offend others with what I say or what I do. I’m also reminded of the times when I am the recipient of other people’s offensive remarks and actions.

We’re all walking around, going about our daily lives, carrying with us our programming, the majority of which is unhealthy. It is this programming that makes us habitually, unconsciously think, feel, speak, and act.  We react. At times, maybe even overreact.

Doing so creates disharmony in our relationships and interactions. It lowers down our vibrational frequency as well as those of others. Then it takes a ripple effect.

How do we overcome these unhealthy, unconscious habits and patterns? How do we bring more awareness to our thought patterns and emotional responses? How can we improve our communication skills? How can we pay closer attention to how we act and behave? How can we live more consciously and authentically so that we respond rather than react?

3DgoingawayWhat Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?  shows us how we can become citizens of the Fifth Dimensional Reality where Love is the driving force and individuals operate from a heart-based consciousness. It shows how we can navigate through the different dimensions and use our Fourth or Fifth Dimension Level of Consciousness in dealing with the Third Dimension from where the majority of humanity is (still) operating.

The book explains how we can deal with the drama and the noise and the chaos of the Third Dimension without getting sucked into it. We can attain mastery over our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and the book shows us how.

The excerpt from the book below shows us how we can learn to respond rather than react:

Not reacting when someone is throwing energy or demonstrating other charged emotions is not only empowering for you, it can be a huge empowerment for them too. By this, I mean that you are not offering them resistance nor anything to argue with. You are not adding fuel to their fire. You are simply demonstrating another way of being. Very shortly they will have worked themselves up, through, and then over their intensity without getting it all over you. Or, they won’t, and instead they’ll move on to someone else who may or may not choose to wallow around in the mud with them.

Have you ever been in a meeting where the ‘perceived leader’ is really not the ‘true leader’?

The true leader is the quiet one. She is the one who silently and patiently waits and watches, stays in her space, and knows exactly when and how to respond. Most often the true leader is not the one who does most of the talking.

We are all being asked to step up and become the leaders and teachers we came here to be. To do this, we must learn to walk through the noise and drama of the third dimension, while holding the higher aspects of the fourth and fifth dimensions. Once we master this quiet observation, we can respond from the platform of Wisdom, Grace, and Compassion, instead of shoot-ready-aim from a place of reaction.

It is of critical importance for each of us to be aware of where we have our attention, and how we are moving through this important time of Shift. To be a citizen of the fifth dimension, we each will learn to be the master of our every thought, every emotion, every word, and every action, in every moment. Sound impossible? It is not. However, some assembly is required.

Silence offers a number of advantages:  

  • It provides the opportunity to observe, choose, and then act. It allows you to observe and respond to a situation in the present moment, as it is unfolding, rather than reacting from habit or bias
  • It allows you to choose the appropriate action before you act
  • It allows you to observe and evaluate the results of your chosen action, and then adjust your next possible action as the situation unfolds
  • And most importantly, silence allows you be involved in the situation, with the intention of bringing about a positive result for all involved.  

Ask yourself these questions before responding to any situation:

  • Will my next comment or action add value to this? Is what I’m about to do or say absolutely necessary?
  • Is it possible my response might create an imbalance, wobble, or big mess that I, or someone else, will have to clean up later?
  • Will my next comment or action add anything to make a difference, or am I adding to the noisiness?
  • Can this thing I’m about to say or do wait?
  • Is this situation even my problem? In other words, is this situation someone else’s concern and I am simply meddling in something that is not my issue?  

If you can slow down and take a moment to ask yourself these questions, you will discover that many of what you may think are responses, are, instead, 3D reactions. They are a result of unconscious habit, much of which adds no value or assistance.”

Self, Jim; Burnett, Roxane (2013-01-01). What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away? (Kindle Locations 2761-2803). Inner Sight Press. Kindle Edition.

redroseWhat Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away? is the most recent book of Jim Self, founder of Mastering Alchemy. It not only explains the different dimensions, it provides tools and exercises on how to participate in ‘The Shift.’

I particularly like the “rose tool” which is very similar to the rose technique that I first learned from  The Berkeley Psychic Institute in California in 2003.  It’s one of the first tools that I found out on clearing my energy field and taking back the power I’ve given away and allows me to move into the fourth and fifth-dimensional space. Other free energy tools for personal and spiritual growth are available on Jim’s website, Mastering Alchemy.

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3 Responses to How to Respond Rather than React

  1. Thanks for he post Nadine Marie. One technique I. Have been practicing–not always successfully mind–is third person awareness. That is, I try to pull out of myself and observe the issue or interaction from a third person standpoint. In this way I can hear myself and the other person from an objective standpoint. How do I sound? Calm? Aggressive? Am I helping? Am I fueling the fire?What are they really saying? Learning to do this changes everything.


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