Solar Eclipse in Taurus – Then (1994 ) & Now (2013)

I just came across a Facebook post from Jennifer Hoffman. It’s about the current Solar Eclipse and where she was in May 1994. The last time the same eclipse configuration took place.

Where were you in May 1994? What were you doing then? Any similarities with where you are now?

There most certainly are a lot of parallelisms with mine.

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I wasn’t particularly happy working with the SUN Philippines representative office at the time. (SUN was a leading IT company, later acquired by Oracle in 2010.) There was too much office politics. Intrigues amongst the employees and between the management and staff. I was a target of endless intrigues. A common theme in my work life. Perhaps life in general.

But, as has been my work habit and ethics, I concentrated on my job as best I could. After all, I found joy in the nature of my work. I believed in it. In the importance and significance of the channels distribution model to ensure the company’s success and longevity.  It was my passion not shared by many though.

In July of the same year, I was offered a job (alright pirated) by Oracle.

Well-known for its very strong and aggressive direct sales force, Oracle was ready to venture into other business strategies. I was given the daunting task of implementing the indirect sales and channels business model in the Philippines.  A responsibility that eventually led me, the first Filipino, to take on a regional position in the South Asia Region, and assist the other countries in their implementation of such a model.

Once more, I so loved what I was doing. I believed in it. It brought me joy! I was passionate about it. A passion that caused the ire of the majority of my colleagues and peers all throughout my career.

After all, I was going against mainstream. Against the traditional sales model. I was propagating a way of doing business which was still in its infancy stage, even in the United States, where Oracle’s headquarters office is located.

I was tasked to persuade the local direct sales organizations why there needed to be a shift in their time-tested, successful way of doing business. A shift in their attitude (alright arrogance) was essential. What led them to a leadership position all those years was no longer what was going to ensure them of the same level of success in years to come. The partnering strategy was what was going to give Oracle the edge. A business model that was going to eventually be the mainstream way of doing business.

I had the knowing and pursued what I was passionate about.

Interestingly, much earlier on, in 1983, before I even completed my undergraduate degrees from a university, I also already had the knowing that computers was the way to go. Even if I didn’t particularly like the subject, which was so unrelated to the college degrees that I completed, and I barely passed my flowcharting class :-)), I still enrolled in computer classes immediately after graduation.

I simply had the knowing that to be knowledgeable about computers was the direction to go. To get ahead and be successful in my career. Any career.

I simply had the knowing that the channels and partnering model was going to be the way of doing business.

And I held on to my knowing. Whatever resistance I encountered even strengthened my resolve. And my relentless passion would later prove to be not unfounded.

By the time I left the corporate world in 2000, practically every company in the IT industry was embracing the channels and partnering business model that I had been propagating.

Today, there is no company that can claim to have the ability to offer a complete line of products and services to their customers, all on their own.  Not one.


Alliances and partnerships, in some shape and form, are now part of a business strategy.  Practically any business in any industry.

A shift was inevitable. A change in paradigm was the order of the day.

Cooperation instead of Competition. Collaborating rather than Controlling. Working with and through others. Partnerships. Alliances. Relationships. Connection rather than Alienation. Interconnectedness. Assertion versus Aggression.  Creativity rather than Rigidity.

Sounds to me like this New Golden Age, New Earth, New Humanity, New World we’re in. Something we’re all now co-creating.

Back then, yes, I was already ahead of the time. I was ahead of the rest of the pack. Oh, but it was a “lonely” path. And such a challenging role.

Yes, I was a change agent. But I had an enormous responsibility for which I didn’t have the tools or the training.  All I had was simply the knowing and the passion.

Sounds like where I’m at again right now. Sounds like what lightworkers and wayshowers are experiencing.

At least now, there are others who have gotten ahead of me, from whom I’m able to draw some guidance and inspiration.

I, we may still be part of the minority, but, more importantly, our numbers are growing.

And thanks to the internet. It’s so much easier to reach out, feel connected and supported. Making it less isolating and not quite as alienating.

Here I am, in the midst of this Solar Eclipse (the second in a series of three), whose similar configuration took place almost 20 years ago. Here I am, in similar circumstances yet not quite exactly the same dynamics.

I am going against mainstream again. Embracing a lifestyle and a paradigm upheld only by a minority.  Again. Yet having a knowing, again, that it is and will eventually be the way to go. Believing and knowing that change and a shift are inevitable.

I am being passionate again about what I believe in. Using computer technology to share information. Channelling cosmic and celestial energies to bring forth insights. Shining my light, like the Sun, and bringing light where darkness is or wherever else it is needed.

I am staying connected with the world and sharing information, when I’m in front of my computer.

And here I am again, like an oracle, using my intuitive gifts and simply knowing…that where I am now, just like where I was then, is where I need to be. Despite the difficulty and adversity.

And I am being reminded for the need to trust and to believe, as I did then, that as I live in the moment and focus on what I’m passionate about and what brings me joy, I am constantly being guided and looked after. Every step of the way.

Any regrets? No way. I wouldn’t have it any other way. As Ol’ Blue Eyes soulfully croons,

I did what I had to do,

And saw it through without exemption,

The record shows, I took the blows,

and [yet] did it my way!”

# # #

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