My Primary Life Purpose: To Create Inner Harmony

I just came across again another interesting piece of information as I was searching through my files of blog posts and journal entries.

Synchronistically again, I was led to it after I had just posted about life purpose vis-à-vis taking care of me instead of others.

It is my “Divine Soul Plan” and it’s interesting that I come across it now.

…now, as I’m continuing to reinvent myself and gain more clarity on what my [next] mission and life purpose is.

…now when I’m doing much clearing, cleansing and cleaning, especially with issues related to home and environment, roots and origins, my childhood and my family, my father, whose death anniversary a couple of months ago moved me to come up with my “Remembering Dad” series of posts, something I have yet to continue and conclude. And all these areas of my life are being brought to my awareness for a deeper layer of healing and closure, conclusion and completion, hopefully.

…now that I’m experiencing the monumental Chiron Return, whose energies are ushering in all these shifts, deep inquiry and intense inner work.

And it is the astrological phase during which, according to Melanie Reinhart, author of Chiron and Healing Journey, I am poised to answer the question —

“What am I going to do with the last part of my life?” 

So, in order for me to effectively answer that, much reflection, introspection, evaluation, inquiry, inner dialogue are necessary. Not that I haven’t done any self-inquiry or self-analysis at all. Someone already once labeled me “Process Queen,” to which the rest of my friends unanimously concurred! 🙂

But to accurately answer that question necessitates pretty much a life review, I think.

An inventory of lessons learned, skills and traits developed, dreams and aspirations fulfilled, wisdom gained. As well as qualities yet to be developed, dreams to be pursued or let go of, lessons yet to be mastered, lessons missed or purposely skipped ;-), lessons to be repeated…

With what I’ve been making of all of my experiences, including those that have been prevented and blocked by the Universe for me to go through, as a way of keeping me “protected” [on track], I do feel very strongly that the Universe is validating the direction that I’m following. The choices that I’m making. The focus of my efforts and energies.

A pat on the back. That’s what I’m getting from the Universe. Yay! 🙂

What is a Divine Soul Plan?

It is a report that details exactly why your soul has incarnated on earth, and includes your past-life fears, your past-life psychological imbalances and negative karma your soul is seeking to balance in this lifetime, as well as your unique personality traits and the spiritual missions your soul has chosen to accomplish in this lifetime. 

The reason you were born. Why you incarnated in this lifetime.

In my Divine Soul Plan, “my primary life purpose involves me transcending the negative qualities of responsibility that include over-helping, over-worrying and interfering, in order to create inner harmony via balanced responsibility.

“My task in this lifetime is to create inner harmony through bringing harmony to others and to the situations I find myself in, learning I am only in harmony when I meet my responsibilities to others willingly, and learning when to help and when to let others help themselves. 

“My life purpose requires that I take on a greater sense of responsibility where I give help and comfort to those in need, but that I do so in a balanced way and don’t do for others what they should be doing for themselves. I must become more capable of bringing harmony into inharmonious situations, and this begins with myself, by creating harmony within.”

My Divine Soul Plan further explains that I “likely had a difficult childhood (hello?!?!) that caused me to grow up with a severe inner critic (hello?!?!) that constantly says I’m not good enough (hello again!?!?). This causes me to feel like I have to over-help in order to feel more worthy (hello?!?!), and this need and sometimes addiction to over-help can mean I end up interfering in situations I don’t belong (hello again!?!?). This can lead to stubbornness, self-righteousness and a dominating personality (hello?!?! hello?!?! hello?!?!). There is a tendency for me to worry too much (hello?!?!) and be too exacting and demanding of myself (hello again !?!) and I may sacrifice myself for the welfare of others (hello !?!).

“The key to succeeding with this life purpose is to be as loving, caring and respectful of myself as I am to others (hello?!?!), to set clear boundaries when to help and when not to help (hello again?!?!), and to heal old emotional wounds that cause me to over-help (and for yet one more time, hello?!?!).”

There really isn’t anything new with any of the information though. I’ve known them. I’ve lived them. Maybe even over-analyzed them.  🙂

It does help though with providing me with the validation and reminder — now that I’m putting together the pieces of my life puzzle.

The message is clear.

Balance. Balance. Balance.

Again, something I had already known since I experienced vocal cord paralysis in 1998. It was the beginning of my awakening journey, when I realized how imbalanced my life had been.

And with reference to my previous post and what this Divine Soul Plan is conveying, I also am most certainly not implying that I’m no longer going to help others ever. Or that I’m suggesting the same for other people.

No. Not at all.

As this piece of information suggests, it is all about BALANCE.

To balance my energies within so that my desire to help and to assist is not to fill in an unmet need but simply for the joy of doing so.

And filling in an unmet need most certainly was my previous pattern which I have learned to break, thankfully; Doing something simply for the joy of doing so, is the new pattern that I am now creating.

The plan details also my life lessons, psychological imbalances, karmic debt, personality traits, and how they manifest when my energies are in harmony and when they aren’t.

Image Source: Energy's Soul Mission

Image Source: Energy’s Soul Mission

Over the years, I have gathered similar tools and resources, not to mention gotten countless readings, when I needed guidance, direction and clarity.

And as is the case with all these resources for healing and growth, the Divine Soul Plan is simply a guide. It isn’t cast in stone. It isn’t something that is to be blindly followed without practicing discernment.

You have free will and you co-create your destiny, remember? A constant reminder to myself.

But coming across it again now is a timely and much-needed thumbs-up from the Universe — on how far I’ve come along in my journey, particularly with mastering my lessons and facing my fears behind them.

And it sure is a handy tool which can assist me in getting even more clarity on where I ought to focus my energies, as I head towards the last part of my life.

What is your life purpose? What is your soul mission? Do you know what you’ll be doing (being) during the last part of your life? And if you’re there already, what are you doing and focusing on? What are you being?

If you’re interested to know more about the Divine Soul Plan, click here.

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4 Responses to My Primary Life Purpose: To Create Inner Harmony

  1. Noel says:

    You are absolutely right: It is definitely all about BALANCE.


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