Father Sun & Goddess Moon — Keeping me balanced and in tune

How did you celebrate the Wesak Festival? It is considered by some as the Buddha’s birthday, although it is a celebration of his birth, enlightenment and death. How was the recent lunar eclipse for you? How have the energies worked for you and supported you in your journey?

I was actually a bit confused with the dates. There are some sources that consider the recent April 25 full moon/lunar eclipse as the Wesak Festival. Some point to the upcoming May 25 full moon/lunar eclipse.

It was one of those moments when the practice of discernment proved beneficial. Regardless what the “official” date of the Wesak Festival is, I simply allowed myself to be guided. And the energies of the recent full moon/lunar eclipse were surely powerful and potent for me, Wesak or not.

I hadn’t slept well in the two weeks leading up to the date of the eclipse. That’s not a surprise since I’ve been going through major cleansing and clearing.

On the evening of April 25, I was talking to a friend and I ended our conversation at around eight o’clock. I told her I was getting sleepy and will probably tuck myself into bed early to catch up on my sleep. I even shared with her my disappointment that I wouldn’t be able to view the full moon as it had been quite  cloudy during the day.

For some reason, I still opted to step outside and I’m so glad I did. The fullness and brightness of the glorious Moon was what smiled at me —

Photo taken by Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, MA 2013 © Aligning With Truth

Photo taken by Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, MA 2013 © Aligning With Truth

I bathed under the moon for probably about two hours. I was filled with so much love and comfort.

I was born in the evening when it was a full moon. A full moon in Taurus, in the month of May, the time when the Wesak Festival is being celebrated. So the time around the Wesak Festival is a most powerful time for me. And all throughout the year, I’m most affected by the energies of the moon, particularly when she is in her full phase. That’s when I feel most nurtured. And lunatic, too, so beware! 🙂

I wanted to catch the eclipse during the early hours of the following morning.  It was at 3:55am Philippines time.

Because I was replenished and recharged by the full moon energies, I didn’t get to sleep until almost midnight. So I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get up early enough for the eclipse. I needed and wanted to catch up on my sleep. I was hesitant to set my alarm. Yet it really was an event that I didn’t want to miss. I simply set the intention that evening that if I’m meant to get up early enough then I would.

I didn’t quite wake up at 3:55 but about an hour later. And I seldom wake up as early as five o’clock in the morning. Yet I’m so thankful that Lady Diana, goddess of the moon, whispered into my ear, “Wake up! A miracle is about to show up!”

I caught the last few seconds just before the Moon finally “disappeared.” It was breathtaking!

My camera though isn’t sophisticated enough to capture her glorious beauty. The view is so much more magical than what my camera could portray.

But it was a first for me — to see the moon set while the sun is rising, and during an eclipse at that. It didn’t matter if I was lacking in my sleep. The view, the experience was surely worth it!

On the west side of the sea is the stunning beauty of the Moon fading away, for the moment at least, saying adieu, as she gives way to the Sun —

Photo taken by Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, MA 2013 © Aligning With Truth

Photo taken by Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, MA 2013 © Aligning With Truth

And on the east side is the magnificence and majestic power of the Sun, sprinkling the clear blue sky with his rays, at the same time greeting me, “How are you? I’m happy to see you!”, as I  was being generously showered by his energies, to light my path and fill my day.

Photo taken by Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, MA 2013 © Aligning With Truth

Photo taken by Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, MA 2013 © Aligning With Truth

I curled back in bed and bathed in the nearby hot spring later in the day, as I continued to allow the masculine and feminine energies of the Sun and the Moon quench every cell of my being.

Before I knew it, 12 hours of the day have gone by. Sigh….

And Father Sun is once more blessing me with his protective energy, draping me with his warm embrace as I prepare for a cool evening.

Photo taken by Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, MA 2013 © Aligning With Truth

Photo taken by Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, MA 2013 © Aligning With Truth

I felt so cared for as I winded down for an evening’s rest, with the Goddess Moon’s rays embracing me and comforting me to sleep. A sleep which thankfully came quite easily this time, as I knew fully well that I’m being nourished by Mother Earth. All the time.

And I did sleep like a baby that evening! My little Nadine felt so lovingly cradled and cuddled…Just what I so needed when the energies can get a little bit confusing and overwhelming.

Thanks to Father Sun and Goddess Moon, for working hand in hand in keeping me balanced and attuned, grounded and sane, in synch and in tune.

Wesak or not, it sure was such a powerful and magical time for me!

And how has it been for you? What was your experience?

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Copyright © 2011-2013 Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, M.A. and Aligning With Truth


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2 Responses to Father Sun & Goddess Moon — Keeping me balanced and in tune

  1. lauriesnotes says:

    I feel comfort from the moon and being in the quiet when all are asleep.
    This feels very nurturing 🙂


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