Rites of Passage, 2012 Sept. Equinox to Dec. Solstice – a 12- week initiation to help you shift to 5D consciousness

September Equinox to December Solstice
Children of the Sun http://www.childrenofthesun.org

All Planetary Light Servers are Invited

In this moment of human history, it is incredible to behold the awe-inspiring power of Divine Remembrance springing forth from within the awakening hearts and minds of the masses. We are bearing witness to the global revelation that not only is God present within us but also that WE are the physical reflection of the supreme Divine Presence upon the Earth.

After years of successfully navigating the narrow road of self-mastery fraught with extraordinary challenges, the actualization of our true nature is finally upon us. This inner realization of our union with Source is rippling out to include all life as we come to understand on a tangible level that every atom in creation is a part of the interconnected whole.

As a resonant group, we have been preparing all our life in order to make the necessary commitment to go the distance in this exponential passage. This is going to be one heaven of a ride, beloved Avatars, so gather your ability to focus as we rise to meet our destiny through support from these Rites of Passage. 

Summary of the Rites of Passage Required Focus 
  • This is a 12- week initiation that builds exponentially.
  • This is an all-consuming daily focus.
  • This is not a casual undertaking.
  • It requires a high level of focus, stability and grounding.
  • It is preferred to have peace and calm around you with as little interference as possible.
  • If this program is taken in its entirety and with full sincerity, participants will potentially receive immense energetic radiation and resulting personal change.


We will be guided through a greatly accelerated experience of back-to-back initiations which focus upon our collective entry into the internal unified state of God Realization, as a group consciousness.

Following are important guidelines of understanding to this endeavor…

  • This is a collective group undertaking.
  • Each Rite is taken over period of seven days and in this time period there may be sub-levels of initiation taking place. Each Rite builds upon the other, exponentially
  • Due to the acceleration of initiatory of energy from one Rite to the next, it is highly recommended that participants start at the beginning with Rite 1. We encourage everyone to start at the same time… September 23, 2012 and to remain committed until December 21, 2012.
  • We are calling forth those souls who are authentically ready to resurrect their life into a completely new system of energy.
  • We are initiated to overcome the physical world of matter including the relinquishing of all personal identification and emoting attachment to the physical plane. This is not a casual undertaking. It requires your full and sincere daily focus for 12 weeks.
  • Through these Rites of Passage, we are further defining the emerging God Race as we demonstrate the most important characteristics of 5th dimensional conscious living in our daily life.
  • Everyone can safely participate. This Passage program is purposefully designed (and coded) to lift everyone into expanded states of perception, no matter the level of consciousness.
  • There will be those among our group that are fully prepared to endure this quickened pace and realize a holy emergence. Others will participate in order to deepen certain understandings or to accelerate clearings and internal activations. It is working on all levels and dimensions.
  • We have proven that the vibration of varying levels of consciousness, as this is contained within a higher vibrating group matrix, can be raised to directly experience heightened levels of awareness. The KEY to integration is to remain within the group energy field in order for the subsequent quickening to properly stabilize.

To continue reading, learn more and how to register, click here.

© Children of the Sun www.childrenofthesun.org

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