Age is only a number and a grade is only a letter

(This is the fifth and final segment of a five-part narration of how committing plagiarism led me to heal a wound stemming back to my high school days.  A recent plagiarism controversy involving Philippines Senator Tito Sotto and American blogger Sarah Pope reminded me of a similar offense that I committed while attending graduate school.  Committing plagiarism needed to happen in order for me to heal a long-standing, 30-year old wound.) 

During my corporate days I was living such an unbalanced life.  I worked as if there was no tomorrow until an illness became my awakening.

I realized I was doing the same thing while attending graduate school.  In my desire to complete my degree right away and fulfill my other passions in life, including and especially carrying out my healing work immediately, I had taken on more than what I could handle.  It left me feeling overwhelmed, off centered and ungrounded. Issues in my personal life also contributed to the already challenging phase that I was going through.

All these started to take a toll on my health.  I was no longer in my best element.  Obviously, there was no other way but to spiral down until I finally collapsed.

My plagiarism offense taught me to take a step back, take things slow, stay centered and simply enjoy graduate school life.  I was reminded that everything unfolds according to the Divine Plan and in its own Divine Time. I decided to take it easy the following quarter.

Lessons learned

Interestingly and amazingly, writing a paper on distant healing led me to heal a 30-year-old wound — in itself a form of distant healing.  If only for that, it was well worth the pain, torture, and agony that came with committing the offense.

I was getting frustrated in class because I wanted more discussions on the practical applications of Quantum Theory.  Indeed, be careful what you wish for.  You will most certainly get it!

But I got even more than a discussion.  I had an actual, “real time”, live application of Quantum theory and distance healing!

The experience also helped me to acquire more knowledge about research writing and how to avoid plagiarism.  I consulted with an Academic Support Center specialist who helped me improve my writing skills. I was validated for the gift of my own voice and critical thinking which I could continue to share with my audience.  I ended up practically re-writing my paper and I was so much happier with the new version. I was reminded of my gifts and talents.  It strengthened my trust in myself that I can continue to excel in a field that I am passionate about, the healing arts — if I only put my heart, mind, and soul into it — while enjoying it and flowing with it.  I came out of the experience wiser and more empowered.

The gift of healing through the gift of writing

The program director reminded me that from the day that we met and in all our succeeding conversations, she has clearly seen that for me, it is all about healing.  She reiterated, “I am amazed at your capacity to heal yourself.  And that is what’s going to help you help others heal themselves.”  That was such a timely reminder for me.

The support that I received helped me gain back the confidence that having committed a mistake in research writing did not diminish my capacity, ability and sincere desire to help other people heal.  The experience has in fact helped me develop more compassion and love for myself.  And it is what’s helping me be compassionate and be a more effective channel for healing and transformation for others.  And through this blog site, I am now sharing my gift of healing through my gift of writing.

Age is only a number just as A is only a letter

I received a B-  for the class.  It is the only B in the otherwise A’s and A-‘s in my transcript of records.  It sure is standing out like a sore thumb.

It may be the subject for which I received the “lowest” grade but it was the most healing, enriching and transformative experience.

For so long, I have been a firm believer that age is only a number.  I never bothered about it, whether for myself or for others.  Unlike most other women, I’m not offended when I’m asked how old I am and I have no qualms answering. 

Age doesn’t mean anything.  It is not a reflection of one’s character.  It doesn’t measure one’s wisdom and level of maturity and consciousness.  It doesn’t show the depth of one’s spirituality and strength of faith.  It doesn’t mirror your soul nor is it a barometer of the joyfulness of your spirit and the generosity of your heart.

I have become a firm believer that the same thing goes with the grading system.

So what is age and what is a grade?

Age is only a number and a grade is only a letter.

It is a truth that I hold with high esteem.

No, I’m not being bitter or resentful or defensive.  I’m also not in denial.  I simply know that truth from the depth of my soul.

The majority may believe otherwise but our long-held beliefs around age and grades are among those that are in need of re-evaluation and restructuring.

In another reality and in another dimension, age (as we’ve come to know it), and grades (as we’ve been programmed to believe them) do not exist.

Come to think of it, have you ever wondered and does anyone know if Gautama Buddha or Jesus were straight A students? 🙂 Just asking…..

And as for the Philippines senator who was involved in the plagiarism controversy, my prayer is for him and his team to humble themselves and admit to any wrongdoing, intentional or not.  By doing so, he becomes instrumental in the healing of the collective.  It’s one way to be of service to the people — by being an inspiration.

Healing and transformation can only begin when we take the initial step of acknowledging our hurts and our wounds — no matter how deep or how long ago they happened.  No wound is too deep to heal.  No “mistake” has ever been committed too long a while back to merit correction.  Besides, there really are no mistakes; there are only lessons learned.

In the grander scheme of things, hurts, pain, wounds, mistakes, and offenses are merely lessons in disguise.  They show up to further our journey.  They deepen our spirituality.  They help us to reconnect with and remember our Divinity.  And again, in the grander scheme of things, that is all that matters.  And that is what earth school is truly all about.

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