How I healed a 30-year old wound through plagiarism

(This is the first segment of a five-part narration of how committing plagiarism led me to heal a 30-year old wound stemming back to my high school days.  The world of Philippines politics was recently beset by a plagiarism controversy which involved Senator Tito Sotto and Sarah Pope, an American blogger.  In a multi-part speech delivered at the Senate last week, Senator Sotto explained his reasons why he is against the Reproductive Health bill.  Among the numerous sources of information that he used is a blog post by Sarah Pope. The senator denied plagiarizing it despite using Sarah’s exact wordings. Not unexpectedly, Sarah didn’t take it very well.  The senator’s chief of staff eventually owned up to the offense but offered what appeared to be an insincere apology and a display of arrogance. Not surprisingly, this further irked Sarah.  The incident reminded me of a similar offense that I committed while attending graduate school and which needed to happen in order for me to heal a long-standing, 30-year old wound.) 

As I listened to the voicemail message left by the school program director, I found myself peeing in my underwear! I was petrified! 

Me, committing plagiarism?  How could that have happened?  There must be some kind of a mistake.  Who did I forget to cite? What did I miss out on?  Will I be kicked out of the school?  Will I still be able to finish my degree? What about my dreams? 

These were the thoughts that were running fast through my head.  I had just been informed by the program director that our class instructor brought to her attention the plagiarism offense that I committed.  

The perennial worrier that I am, my thoughts were running at “faster than the speed of light”.  I was reaching conclusions a million miles away.  I paid attention though to my bodily reaction — peeing in my underwear.  Something surely got triggered.  

Yet I set that aside for the moment as I needed to attend to the more urgent matter at hand.  I accessed my e-mail and read the message of my professor.  I had the exact same bodily response.  I was also peeing in my underwear while reading his message!  

“This is deep,” I told myself.  There is definitely something beyond the plagiarism to elicit such a bodily response on both occasions. 

The recovering perfectionist that I am 

I am a recovering perfectionist.  Ironically and unfortunately, my desire to address my perfectionism was what led me to commit plagiarism while attending graduate school. 

You’d think that being a perfectionist, I’d go through my work countless times, attend to all the nitty-gritty details, check for inaccuracies, and make sure that everything is error-free and “perfect.”  This was how I had usually done it except when I was writing my research paper on “Quantum Theory and Distance Healing”.  But as with anything, my haphazard ways happened for a reason. 

Quantum Physics is not an easy or simple subject.  But it is a topic that’s most relevant especially during this most confusing time in humanity’s history and evolutionary and ascension process.  A basic understanding of what it’s all about and how it impacts our daily lives, our world and our reality is critical in helping humanity make the much-needed paradigm shift.  A comprehension of Quantum Theory helps explain some of the otherwise inexplicable and generally unacceptable levels of reality that transcend 3D consciousness.  Studying it and other related theories also provides a framework to better appreciate what has led to the long-pervading materialism that has plagued humanity. So it’s a topic that I was (and still am) really excited and passionate about.  

So why the apparent careless and lack of commitment manner with which I wrote my paper?  How and why did I commit plagiarism?

To be continued

How I healed a 30-year-old wound through plagiarism – Part 2

How I healed a 30-year-old wound through plagiarism – Part 3

How I healed a 30-year-old wound through plagiarism – Part 4

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Ribaya, R. (2012). Blogger: Sotto a ‘lying thief’; solon’s staff admits shortcoming. Retrieved August 20, 2012 from Yahoo! News Philippines website:–sotto-a–lying-thief—solon-s-staff-admits-shortcoming.html

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