Sports and the Olympics from the soul perspective

I used to perceive competition as “wrong” and unspiritual.  I have learned since that competition per se isn’t unhealthy.  It’s the level and kind of consciousness from where we operate that makes the process more or less spiritual. 

When we are driven by our limited, little self, this intensifyies the already pervasive separateness and divisiveness amongst humanity.  If we come from our Christ (Budda/Krishna/Divine) consciousness, it becomes a healthy endeavor.  It truly isn’t about winning or losing but more about the process.

The excerpt below from Joshua David Stone‘s Manual for Planetary Leadership discusses this more extensively. 

Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat of the Spirituality and Practice Resources for Spiritual Journeys also wrote an insightful article entitled, Watching the Olympics as a spiritual practice.  Click here to read the article.

With the on-going Olympics event, may we be reminded to come from our Christ consciousness and view this event from our soul perspective —both atheletes and spectators alike.

Excerpt from Joshua David Stone‘s Manual for Planetary Leadership, The Political, Social and Philosophical Issues of Our Time – Sports, p. 123:

“According to the masters, as we move toward a fifth-dimensional society some of the more violent and even barbaric sports will be phased out.  A couple of examples would be boxing, wrestling (the Hulk Hogan type practiced on television) and the violence and condoned fighting allowed in hockey. Only a consciousness steeped in negative ego and third-dimensional thinking can enjoy this kind of violence.

Sports will always be a part of human life, and the ascended masters recognize sports as a true art form.  Great athletes like basketball’s Michael Jordan, baseball’s Barry Bonds or football’s Joe Montana are amazing to watch.  It is important for those who play sports at a semi-professional or professional level to serve as role models for the young people of this world.  This role modelling is not just at the physical level of the game but in all areas of life.  Sports figures can have an enormous impact if they can play sports from a soul perspective rather than the negative-ego perspective.

This concept might come as an interesting insight to some, but it applies to every person in this world, for we all play sports at some time in our lives.  When the negative ego is involved in sports, the person playing gets angry and curses frequently.  He/she gets in fights and has no sense of sportsmanship.  All he cares about is winning no matter what.  This might be called egotistical competition.

There is however, a form of what might be called spiritual competition.  This would be the attitude of doing one’s best, competing with oneself.  An example might be trying to jog a little faster around the track than you did the previous day.  When interacting with others, this spiritual competition is being sportsmanlike, complimenting your opponent on a good shot, helping him/her up if he falls down, laughing, joking and being friendly with your opponent even though you are also trying as hard as you can to win.  When the game is over, you would shake hands with your opponent, congratulating him/her on a game well played whether you won or lost.  Spiritual competition is not getting so caught up in winning and losing that you lose your Christ consciousness.

A lot of lightworkers think that competition is always bad.  It is only bad if there is no Christ consciousness connected with it.  Competing can be fun if no sense of separation is created in the process.  People who are run by the negative ego lose track of this attunement.  Competition and cooperation can merge together into sportsmanship.  The spiritual leadership of this world needs to teach sportsmanship by always speaking of one’s opponent in the higher realms.

This applies to politics, business and all phases of human life.  Imagine a society where politicians and businesspeople put love, respect and generosity above winning elections and making money.  The problem with this world is that too many people have too many false gods and idol worship such as winning, power, fame, greed, lust and material desire.  We all must let go of these false gods and put love first.  Then we will be rich in spirit, which will also lead to being rich in a material sense.  For has not the Bible said, “Seek ye the kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto thee”?

One aspect of sports that the Spiritual Hierarchy really likes is the energy created at the various sporting events.  Djwhal Khul told me the master and angels gather at these major professional sports events and collect the energy that is created from the excitement and enthusiasm and then use it for spiritual purposes.”


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To read the related article by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat entitled Watching the Olympics as a spiritual practice, click here.

As we watch and root for our favorite team or athlete, may we all remember that it isn’t about the winning or the losing but the growing and learning as we watch and/or participate. 

And may we hold and send the same intention for all the athletes who are participating so that they stay focused not only on the medal or the trophy but on the journey.  So that when they return to their country, with or without any medal or trophy, they would be hailed as heroes because they’d have exhibited not only superior athletic ability but spiritual supremacy.


Brussat, F. & M. (2012). Watching the Olympics as a spiritual practice. Retrieved from the Spirituality and Practice Resources for Spiritual Journeys website on July 29, 2012 

Stone, J. (1998).  Manual for planetary leadership. Sedona, AZ:  Light Technology Publishing.

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    A very good and timely post.


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