The world is waiting

Beethoven’s Piano at the Pasqualatihaus, Vienna, Austria
Image by baruchova

What unique and special gift do you have that you offer to the world? If there’s something that you are passionate about or love to do, even if, and especially if you’re not paid for it, but would still do it only because it brings you joy, what would that be?

Ludwig von Beethoven was not known for his social grace, as he was deaf and conversation for him was difficult and humiliating. When he received word of the death of a friend’s son, he immediately went to the house, feeling great grief. As words were not something he utilized well, he knew not what to say. But he did notice a piano in a corner of the room. He sat down and played from his heart and emotions with all the love and compassion that he could. When he finished playing, he left. Later, the friend told others that no one else’s visit had meant so much.” (Excerpt from Karen Bishop’s Remembering Your Soul Purpose: A Part of Ascension)

What is that unique and special gift that you have that you offer to the world? Are you already doing it? If not, why not? If not now, when?

What’s stopping you? Beethoven’s hearing impairment didn’t stop him from creating beautiful music. 

And there will be no music if the piano isn’t played.
The world is waiting.  What are you waiting for?
“A champion runner doesn’t even know he is in a race. He runs because he loves it.” Anonymous

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