Beware of false prophets – or be grateful?

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Much has been written and talked about on the topic of climate change, the major shifts and planetary changes, and evolutionary transformation.

There is a lot of confusion and restlessness.  People are anxious.  There is a lot of fear coming up to the surface.  There is so much fear arising in our already fear-based world and consciousness.

Sadly, rather than shed light and alleviate the fear, some individuals and groups are capitalizing on the collective uncertainty. They are even adding more to the turmoil.  Some of them are purposely and knowingly doing it. They are taking advantage of the situation and even making money off of it.  And yet there are those who are not even aware that they themselves are misguided.

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. ~ Bible, Matthew 7:15

We’ve been forewarned that time will come when false prophets will be in our midst.  Watch out.

I believe that more than ever, that time is now.

Thanks to the Internet, information is now readily accessible.  There isn’t any more reason (or excuse) to not be knowledgeable or informed on practically any topic.

Lack of monetary resources and affordability are likewise no longer valid.  Much of the information that is being shared on the internet is free.

In fact, the issue is no longer the lack of information, affordability, or accessibility.  Sometimes there’s too much information that it’s difficult to cope and keep abreast.

Being busy and not having enough time is also no longer acceptable.  Instead of spending time to commute to attend a class, or buy a book at the bookstore, or go to the library, we can easily find numerous articles, ebooks, videos and audios, webinars and teleseminars  — right at the comfort of our homes (or internet cafes for the less urbanized places or households that cannot afford a computer).  And at no cost!

The issue now is DISCERNMENT.

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Whose teachings do we believe and follow? Whose messages do we embody? Whose techniques do we apply? Who is reliable and authentic? Who do we trust to be speaking the truth? What is Truth anyway, and who is to claim to be a master of Truth?

I don’t think there can be anyone who is more masterful or can be my master other than myself. Honing my intuitive abilities, trusting my inner voice, listening to my inner guidance, following my inner teacher, tapping into my inner Wise One — these are all that has been at the top of my soul growth homework list.  And experiences, people, and places that make me sharpen these skills have consistently been showing up in my life.

When I am reading a material or listening to someone, or in a place, surrounding, or an environment and the overall feeling I get is expansive, joyful, peaceful, exciting, then I have aligned with Divinely-guided information, or the place matches my vibrational frequency.  I feel like I come alive.  I also usually experience goosebumps.  That’s my sign of validation and confirmation.

On the other hand, when the overall feeling is constrictive and contracting, or when I feel like I’m so small or worthless, for sure, that individual or the message is self-based and tainted with falsehood.  My body also usually gives me the signals.  I feel a knot in my gut, my body tenses up and my shoulders stiffen, I feel heaviness in my chest, or my head starts to throb.

Follow what feels right.

And, how one thing, person or place feels right is also unique to every individual.  The circumstances in our lives, our developmental phase, and stage of our soul growth — all these influence how and what we determine to be right to us, at that moment.  Again, no one can truly claim to this absolute truth except ourselves.

Come to think of it, the false prophets are not to be too wary about because they can even be some of our greatest teachers.  They are teaching us to discern. They are teaching us not to give our power away.  They are teaching us to trust ourselves.

Our faith is what will push us to discern and make a choice of whether or not to follow a teaching or a guru, knowing that we are always guided and protected. That whatever happens to us benefits us. It is for our greater good and best interest. Even the seemingly “bad” things or false prophets.

Indeed our teachers and gifts can come in unexpected and unusual packages.

Do not be deceived by the wrapping. Look within.  Therein lies the gift.

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