Is it my job?

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Is it my job to convert others to my spiritual path,

Or is it not my job to focus instead on my own conversion?

Is it my job to lead others to their path,

Or is it not my job to follow instead the inner guidance leading me to my own illumination?

Is it my job to point out to others their lesson,

Or is it not my job to make sure instead that I learn and master my own?

Is it my job to shake them up, wake them up and make sure they raise their vibration,

Or is it not my job to call upon instead the High Almighty to raise me up and assist me in my ascension?

Is it my job to be worried, be driven by fear, and do all of the above,

Or is it not my job instead, to just love and to be love?

Is it my job to save others, the planet, all of creation, every thing and every being,

Or is it not my job instead to heal and love myself, while trusting and believing?

Is there not a Divine Intelligence that’s orchestrating everything?

And to everything, is there not a Divine Timing?

Is there not a Universe that’s within and without, above and below?

And if that is truly so,

Aren’t things working themselves out?

So why is there a need for me to figure everything out?

Is it my job,

Or is it the Universe’s job?

Is it part of my mission?

Is there an answer to every question?

Alleviate me of my uncertainties and confusion please,  

So I can continue focusing on spreading Love & Light, Joy & Peace.

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2 Responses to Is it my job?

  1. mountainmae says:

    I have had this discussion with a few dear friends – the answers are personal to each and different. I think there are many true answers to any question.


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