Love the Ocean, Love Ourselves – In celebration of World Oceans Day, June 8

The underwater world is beyond words. Photo taken during my dive at Balicasag Island, Bohol, Philippines, September 2011.

The ocean and the great seas symbolize our unconscious — individual and collective.  The state of our oceans is an indication of the state of our inner minds, thoughts and emotions, and our spiritual lives.

We have neglected and abused our oceans as much as we have not paid attention to our inner lives. We have been consumed by our greed and selfish motives, personal and self-serving desires, and trappings of materialism and modernization — all in the guise of progress.

The ocean is also the symbol of the feminine, the womb, mother, woman.

We have likewise misused our feminine energies, even relegated them to the background. The recent June 5-6 Venus transit was another reminder for us to welcome back the Sacred Feminine into our consciousness and integrate it with the Sacred Masculine towards wholeness and balance.

Love the Ocean. Love Ourselves.

Happy World Oceans Day!

To learn more about World Oceans Day, click here.

I am you; you are ME. You are the waves; I am the ocean. Know this and be free, be divine. ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

About Balicasag Island:  It is a marine sanctuary, home to countless colorful species of fish, turtles, corals, and rich marine life.  It is a small island that you can explore in less than one hour.  Balicasag Island has some of the best dive sites in the Philippines.  It is also ideal for snorkeling because of its shallow water.  Dolphin  watching is a popular early morning activity.  Many dolphins can be seen between Balicasag Island and its neighboring island, Pamilacan.  I personally abhor this activity though as it has caused quite a disturbance and harm to the dolphins and rest of marine life, something that the local folks are oblivious to.  They see it merely as a way to entertain guests and generate income.  In fact, it has become a “dolphin chasing” activity and must be stopped.  Otherwise, the dolphins, not surprisingly, will eventually be migrating elsewhere where they can be respected and revered.  To know more about the island, click here. 

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4 Responses to Love the Ocean, Love Ourselves – In celebration of World Oceans Day, June 8

  1. What a wonderful post! And the photo is amazing! Where you were diving in the Philippines looks like an incredibly vibrant and rich reef area. Thank you for sharing this information and link about World Oceans Day. And may the oceans heal as we heal our inner lives. And I love your comment about integrating the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. I was part of a Native American Spirituality group where the shaman spoke of that concept often. Thank you for the wise reminder. Namaste. ~Gina


    • You’re most welcome Gina! Looks like I was updating this post when you were reading it and commenting on it. I have included some info about Balicasag Island which is yes, heavenly and paradise!

      And yes, integrating the Sacred Feminine with the Sacred Masculine is the order of the day. Some sectors though have been taking it to the extreme by rejecting the Sacred Masculine. That’s only the pendulum swinging to the other side. Let’s aim for balance through our heart chakra and activation of the universal heart. Indeed, the Native Americans and other indigenous cultures have long embraced and practiced this. We have much to learn from our ancestors.

      Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts! Blessings, Love & Light, Peace & Joy, Namaste…♥NM♥


  2. Noel says:

    Awesome post! The ocean may also represent how deep and wide our lives really are, not just what is seen in the surface. Going deeper into our lives can be scary, but it is also adventurous and a great learning experience, such as diving deeper into the ocean.


    • What a powerful analogy Noel! You are so spot on. The ocean is indeed a great teacher. Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts which are making me reflect more on my experiences. Blessings and Namaste…NM


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