The solar plexus chakra: Seat of personal power, will, & self-esteem

Symbol of solar plexus or manipura chakra (“shining jewel”or “place of jewels”): Lotus flower with 10 petals. Found just above the navel. Color: yellow. Musical note: E. Mantra: RAM.

The solar plexus chakra is the center of ego identity, self-definition, self-esteem, personal power, will and autonomy.  Fire is the element associated with it.  This makes the nature of the energy of the solar plexus very masculine.

When the energies in the solar plexus chakra are misqualified or blocked, individuals seek power for the sake of power.  Abuse of power is a resultant effect.  The foremost goal is personal gain and success.

A blockage in the solar plexus chakra may likewise manifest in the other extreme cases of apathy, insecurity or a diminished sense of self.

When there is an excess of the masculine energy in the solar plexus chakra, individuals aim to enhance their self-esteem and feel more confident when they attain their goals regardless of how other people are impacted.  They aim at something at all costs and whatever it takes to do so.  This behavior is quite often seen amongst unscrupulous business individuals and power-hungry politicians.

An imbalance in the energies may also lead to obsession with power, arrogance, a very controlling behavior, thoughtlessness and even fits of rage.

Ironically, underneath a seemingly strong façade, feeling of superiority over others, an aggressive and abrasive behavior and domineering attitude, is a weak and frightened being, and usually a wounded or confused toddler.

Development of the solar plexus chakra

The development of the solar plexus is correlated with the childhood development stage during the toddler years.  The challenge of this stage is to develop impulse control. Not a single parent has been spared of the “terrible two” phase of a child’s development.

As children begin to separate from the mother and become less dependent on her, they gain autonomy and develop their will.  There is a tricky balance involved here because while children at this stage feel separate, they still want and need the assurance that their parents or caregivers are still there.

In Eastern Body Western Mind:  Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self, Anodea Judith explains that children begin to learn to articulate a few words or two or three-word sentences.  They make a connection between language and action, and in the process, learn to develop impulse control.

When a child is told “Don’t hit your brother,” he learns to curb his urge to do so and “internalize appropriate limits” (Judith, 1996, p. 186).  There are numerous attempts before the child finally learns what those appropriate limits are.

When the child does the same action even when told it is inappropriate, parents begin to feel that the child is only testing their patience by being stubborn.  In reality, the child is developing the ability to establish the language-action connection such as, “Is pushing the same as hitting or does no mean really no?” (Judith, 1996, p. 186).  Consistency from the parents or caregivers at this stage will define how the individuals assert their personal will in later adult years.

Anodea Judith likewise highlighted that as children learn to develop appropriate self-control, it is critical that they do not lose the spontaneity or joy in expressing their impulses or desires.  When children are raised to look to their parents or caregivers for approval before they express their impulse, later in their adult life, they will have issues with authority.  They either fear figures of authority or rebel against them.  Personal power, will, responsibility, and self-management then become areas of concern in their adult years.

To be continued – A healthy solar plexus chakra: Balancing the warrior & server archetypes and invoking other symbols


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