Are you a recovering perfectionist – How to address spiritual superiority

In his article How To Experience Perfection Without Being Perfectionistic, I was particularly struck by what Pavel G. Somov, Ph.D. wrote about how to shift the paradigm of perfectionism by shifting from “a paradigm of forgiveness in which we forgive others from a position of moral superiority to a more compassionate, less righteous, more humble paradigm of forgiveness in which we forgive because we identify with (relate to) the transgressor’s motivation and course of action, and we realize that the transgressor, too, has done his/her practical best (even if their best fails our personal and social expectations of what theoretically should be).”

As we are going through this momentous Great Shift and transcending the 3D and shifting to higher dimensions, it is so easy to feel “spiritually superior” over those who are still stuck in the 3D world and consciousness. It is so easy to quickly and instinctively judge, label, and blame them for all the chaos, destruction and density of the world around us.

Yet, isn’t everything in Divine and Perfect Order? Isn’t everything how they ought to be, and we are where we all need to be? Aren’t we all treading our own paths, however unique or unfamiliar they are? Aren’t we all growing and evolving despite the seemingly “wrong” choices we’re making, or mistakes we’re committing? Aren’t we all mastering our lessons regardless of the speed of our learning process, or the direction that our journey is taking?

After all, there truly are no mistakes, only lessons learned. There truly are no “right” or “wrong” choices. They become so based only on our individual belief systems, and as a result of the lenses through which we choose to view and perceive people and situations.

The choices that we are all making are within whatever capacities we have and to the best of whatever our abilities are — at any given moment, and at that particular moment. We are choosing and living our lives from whatever level of awareness and consciousness we are.

And so as Pavel G. Somov, Ph.D. points out, rather than believing that “nobody is perfect,” let us instead shift to the belief that “everybody is perfect or, which is the same, perfectly imperfect.”

At the end of the day, it is a lesson on COMPASSION — to acknowledge one’s suffering and have the ability to genuinely want for the suffering to be alleviated. To hold the space for everyone, including ourselves, that we are all playing our parts in this production called “Life”. We are all fulfilling our spiritual contracts.

Be it a lead actor, supporting cast, villain, bit part or walk-on, crew, or equipment for a film or play; be it the lyrics, melody, musical instruments, or vocals; be it the canvas, brushes, paint, or the artist; all the parts and elements are essential to come up with a piece of art. All the pieces are perfect as they are in order to complete the puzzle.  Nature is the “perfect” teacher of how the individual elements are perfect, complete, and whole in and by itself, yet their interdependence, interconnectedness, and interrelatedness are essential for its existence and evolution.

We all are perfectly imperfect, and in our imperfections, we are all perfectly contributing to the richness and depth of our earthly experience. A work of art becomes a masterpiece depending on how all the elements are woven together.

Our life on earth becomes a masterpiece depending on how “perfectly” we play our roles, and how “perfectly” we interact with our fellow human beings and all other elements of creation.


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