Is the need to heal the earth or to heal our human relationship to the earth?

Stress is a major factor affecting our health.  Our consciousness and attitude likewise influence our ability to stay well or get ill.  Illnesses can also result from our habitual unhealthy emotional patterns and dysfunctional ways of relating to one’s self and to other people.  

In Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness, Valerie Hunt, Ed.D reiterates that the changes in the tissues of the body result from disturbances in the energy field.  She adds, “electromedical researchers believe that each disease or functional disturbance has its own energy field which must be reversed before healing can take place” (p. 244). 

Similarly, disturbances in the energy field in our natural surroundings lead to changes in their cellular components.  If humans get ill because our energy fields are disturbed, what makes it different from other species and organisms?  How long are we going to be in denial before we truly recognize and fully acknowledge what is happening in our natural environment?  Besides, isn’t our outer reality a reflection of our inner world?  If Mother Earth is ailing, doesn’t that clearly tell us that we, the human species, are likewise in a similar state of dysfunction? That it is our own dysfunction that has caused and resulted to the dysfunctional state of our dear planet earth?

Sadly, our human intelligence and the creations and inventions resulting from such intelligence, was what has in fact led to the deteriorating state of our health and the very destruction of our world, our planet and reality.  We have been engulfed in our own human miscreation.  The disintegration of the earth and all its life forms is a result of the melting down of our individual selves, the breaking down of the different parts of who we are, and the breaking away of the self from other selves and of the self from Spirit.

Ironically, in our desire to fulfill our own self-serving motives, we have lost touch not only with our inner world and fellow humans, but of the fact that the earth is a living and breathing organism.  The earth is, like us, alive and intelligent.  It is our own intelligence that led to our arrogance.  We are of the belief that we reign supremacy over other non-human kingdoms, whose members are, like us, also intelligent beings.  They are, like us, evolving and serving their own purposes, in accordance to a Divine Plan. 

How our ancestors lived

The indigenous people have not lost such awareness.  In fact, it is this consciousness that drives them to continue to pay reverence to all life forces and see the sacredness of every thing and being.  They have long believed that all life is interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent.  Every person, place, condition, and thing affects every other person, place, condition and thing. 

It is quite interesting that our ancestors have long known this and it is what has influenced their way of life.  Yet it is only now, through the discoveries of science, such as the living systems theory and quantum physics, that we are slowly accepting this fact.  It is only now that we are being convinced that we are responsible, if not to be blamed for the life that we have created, or miscreated, for that matter. 

Over the years, I developed allergic rhinitis.  When I was living in Northern California, I was so miserable during the spring season because I could not truly and fully enjoy the loveliness that the springtime blesses us with.  I was shaking my head in disbelief because I realized that millions of us suffer from seasonal allergies because we have become so  disconnected from nature and its natural rhythm and cycle.  Our bodies perceive nature and its elements as the enemy, rather than an ally.  Sad.

The healing power of nature and Schumann’s resonance

There have been numerous studies indicating the healing power of nature.  It is in fact our increased exposure to artificial environment and decreased contact with the natural surroundings that has led to the deterioration of our well-being and increased level of stress in our lives.  

Image by wikkanman

It is said that the heart beat or the pulse of the earth is at 7.8 cycles per second.  The earth’s resonance is also known as the Schumann’s resonance, named after the German physicist who discovered it.   

Recorded brain waves are from zero to 24 cycles per second.  The brain waves of a person in a meditative state are in alpha state, and the frequency ranges from 9 to 14 cycles per second.   During theta state, the brain waves’ frequency goes even slower, from 5 to 8 cycles per second.  Physicist Bob Beck discovered that during mystical work, the brain waves of clairvoyants and psychics were at 7.8 cycles per second, the same rate as that of the resonance of the earth.

When we are away from the busy streets and hustle and bustle of city life and are in natural environments, our bodies feel this frequency.   This is why nature and being in nature has a profound healing effect on us.  Our bodies resonate with the heart beat of nature and our brain waves shift to theta state.  Our brain waves vibrate at the same frequency as the pulse of the earth.  Our hearts beat as one.

Call to action – Go back to Nature

Globally, there is a strong call and numerous attempts to go back to nature, turn to natural methods of healing, and embrace natural ways of living and lifestyle.  Nature is being brought to health care facilities through healing gardens.  Elements of nature abound the insides of the homes.   “Green is in”, literally and otherwise.  There is a worldwide call to go green. 

April 22, 1970 was the first Earth Day.   The Green Party of the United States was formed in 1984 guided by such values as future focus and sustainability and ecological wisdom.   June 1992 was the first Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where world leaders gathered for a unified cause, the healing of the earth.  

Humans are only a small percentage of the total living system yet the influence and effect that we have on nature is so much larger in proportion.  Something clearly isn’t right; the system is definitely out of balance, yet ironically, balance is the very essence of nature. 

If human consciousness is to be sustained on planet earth, we need to stop denying our responsibility and accountability for the conditions that we have created around us.   It is imperative that we begin to take full responsibility not only for the health of our bodies, hearts and minds, not only for the health of our communities, but as well as, or even more so, the health of the planet we live on. 

To go back to nature does not mean rejecting and disregarding modernity and technology completely.  Rather, it is about striking a balance – a balance between humanity’s contribution as a result of modernization, and its effect on nature and ramification on the total system. 

For every action we take, every decision we make, or even every thought or word for that matter, the question we must ask ourselves is not only how does it affect a fellow human being, but also how does it impact other beings and forms of creation?  Does it contribute to the continuity of communities, the sustainability of ecosystem and the process of evolution?  Or does it even add to the already hugely disturbing extent of planetary destruction? 

To go back to nature is to go back to the time of our ancestors who depended not only on each other and the members of their tribes for survival, but on the other members of the living system.  Our ancestors did not only depend and rely on each other.  They cared for one another, for every being, and for every thing, seen or unseen.  They supported one another.  They respected each other, upholding the belief that every thing and every being has its own righteous and sacred place which ought to be revered.

Image by ~cameofx

Everyday ought to be Earth Day.  Every moment should be in remembrance of Gaia.  To truly believe that we are all one, is to see everyone and everything as not only an extension, but a reflection of ourselves.  And that is what it truly means to go back to nature — to be one with nature, to be one with all of creation.

In The Earth Path: Grounding Your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature, Starhawk wrote, “In this crucial time, we are called to be healers — of the earth, of the human community, of each other and ourselves.  We speak of ‘healing the earth,’ but in reality, what needs healing is our human relationship to the earth” (p. 216).  She couldn’t have put it more aptly.


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