When What You Want Doesn’t Happen…

“Wanting something and thinking about it intentionally with positive emotions for a period of time doesn’t mean you’ll get it; it may not be needed in your soul’s plan. Or there may be other reasons connected to underlying frequency principles that prevent an outcome you’ve envisioned.

It may not be the best solution, or the soul may know something about the future of a path you’re attracted to right now that will negatively impact your growth. You may be using too much willpower to ‘try’ to materialize something, or you may be using your own life force energy to fuel and control the materializing process. Forcing something is an indication that you’re out of harmony with the flow and are missing some key information.

[Just like] with relationships, if you take three steps toward someone, and they only take one toward you, you’ll be rejected by two steps’ worth so that the amount of energy being contributed to the relationship stays even. In materializing, if you push toward an end result with willpower or any sort of controlling energy, the field will stall you by the amount you’ve overextended until it can pattern itself to flow without force. Then the next step actually occurs.

Another reason something might not materialize is that you’re motivated by a negative emotion, such as fear or greed. Perhaps you’re praying for something because you dread the alternative. ‘I have to get more clients so I can avoid foreclosure on my home.’ You’re feeding your most intense attention to the feared idea, not the thing you say you want; therefore, the dreaded option is the one that will materialize.

Sometimes what you think you want doesn’t show up because your body can’t feel it as real or the result wouldn’t really let you experience deep comfort.

Finally, you may not get something because you may not feel entitled to have it or don’t really want the changes it would bring. This may originate from an early emotional wound, a karmic vow of poverty, or simply from not stretching yourself enough.”

Excerpt from Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration by Penney Peirce, 304 pages, Atria Books/Beyond Words (August 16, 2011). To know more or to order, click here.


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