The thought for today is UNIQUENESS.

The greatest need people have is for love and approval.” ~ Dale Carnegie

Every moment in our human existence is either a call for love or a call to love.  Think about it.  In any situation that you find yourself in, you have two options:  to give love or ask for it.   We just are not fully aware or conscious about it.

A Course in Miracles also says that there are only two emotions:  love and fear.  While it is a commonly held belief that the opposite of love is hate, the truth is, at the opposite end of love is fear.

When a person is not loving, when a person says, does, or thinks in unloving ways, the person is coming from a place of fear.  All low-vibrating emotions such as anger, resentment, worry, bitterness, irritation, impatience, anxiety, envy, jealousy — these are all aspects and manifestations of the energy of fear.

When we are connected to Source (Spirit, Divine, God, etc.), we are coming from a place of love.  We are operating from our Higher, Divine Selves and we are able to love, give love, be love, and receive love.

When we lose our connection to the Divine, and we operate from our limited ego-personality selves, we act out of fear.  We think fearful thoughts.  We say words that hurt and sting, words which, in the final analysis, are rooted in fear.

Ultimately, we all have a common desire and need — to love and to be loved.

One way that we fill this need for love is by seeking approval from others.  When we have a very low self-esteem, we compare ourselves to other people with the intention of making ourselves appear superior and better than the other. 

Our need for approval is fueled by our low self-esteem.  It stems back to our childhood and the lack of love (in the form of approval) from our parents or our caregivers. 

When we are not able to heal these deep-rooted childhood wounds, we go around living our adult lives seeking for external approval, and spreading our unhappiness, albeit unconsciously, by putting people down.  We do this in order to make ourselves look and feel good.  Envy is our driving force, a force that when left unattended or not properly addressed, begins to poison every cell of our body and our consciousness.  This leads to separation, disharmony, conflict, violence.

As we heal and integrate the disowned parts of ourselves, we raise our consciousness and our awareness. 

We realize that it is only our ego-personality and limited selves that want us to believe that we can only be happy when we are able to seek love and approval externally. 

Yet if we are guided by Higher Wisdom and Divine Truth, our Divine Selves know that each one of us has our own uniqueness.  We acknowledge and focus on the oneness in all of humanity and all of creation.  At the same time, we honor, respect and celebrate each of our individual uniqueness.  And that is what it means to embrace nonviolence and live nonviolently.

Today: I will do something that shows how unique I am. I may draw a picture, sing a song, dance or write a story. I will praise, compliment or honor the uniqueness of someone I know and by doing so, notice the positive impact I make by recognizing their uniqueness.

64 Ways in 64 Days Nonviolence Daily Reflections Day 43 – Mar. 13, 2012

From The 15th Annual Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence Jan. 30 to Apr. 4, 2012  

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