Astrology of March 2012 – two six-pointed star formations!!!

Reblog and excerpt from Carl Boudreau’s Astrology Blog

March brings a remarkable improvement and a remarkable change of direction as well as remarkable levels of confusion. March’s energies will support, motivate and uplift us. It will also turn our attention sharply inward, in a spiritual direction. It will also set us adrift in a promising but puzzling future.

Noticeable patterns, encouraging trends, and emerging opportunities will replace the seemingly endless stream of disruptions, challenges and turbulence of recent years.

However, a new and potent spiritual impulse will transform our motivation and our goals. Our ties to the past will dissolve. Our old plans for the future will become unclear. The things that normally guide our decisions won’t be there. That will bring many unknowns into our lives. Things will become even less predictable than they already are.

March is a turning point in our efforts to restore and reform our much troubled world. It marks the beginning of a smoother path forward, astrologically and otherwise. But it also marks a point of transition into a time of increased spiritual striving and growth.

This ‘new,’ spiritualizing force in human affairs will act as a wild card. With human psychology and human motivation undergoing such a powerful transformation at such a fundamental level at such a crucial, momentous point in our history, we simply cannot expect things to go as they have before. Expect the unexpected, as you never have before.

March brings an influence that pushes our awareness decisively beyond the egotistic, material, mundane level and into decidedly spiritual realms.

A kite dominates both the new and full moon charts. The full moon chart also contains a partial mystic rectangle.

The effects of kites and the mystic rectangles are paradoxical. They support and facilitate, but they also destabilize. They nudge us continuously to seek better answers and more solid foundations. We can expect to see a lot of that in March: events will bring opportunities, but they will also push us to use these opportunities will contain a challenge to reach well beyond our former limits.

One six-pointed star lasts for about 36 hours, from the evening of March 1st through the morning of March 3rd.  A second six-pointed star exists for about 30 hours, beginning the morning of March 29th and breaking up on the evening of March 30th.

Six-pointed star formations are rare and so is useful information about what they mean.

In esoteric astrology, the astrology of the soul, the six-pointed star represents the spiritually realized person. It represents the perfected personality in complete harmony with the soul, or higher self. It represents the spiritually realized person.

Hence, the six-point stars in March’s chart(s) suggest a strong, spiritualizing influence. But the effects of such elaborate structures are lasting, not temporary, or transient.

They seem, rather, to mark a threshold, a portal, or gateway into a new era; a point beyond which we can never return. In this case, it is, I believe an era of accelerated, intentional spiritual progress.

Hence, from this point onward, events will be enriched, or further complicated, by a spiritualizing process. Things connected to personal spiritual transformation, good and bad, convenient and inconvenient, will become a major, unpredictable factor in our lives and in global events.

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