The thought for today is MISSION.

“My life is my message” said Gandhi.

Gandhi’s mission was to be nonviolent. What do you want to stand for in your life? Do you know your life’s mission?

Today: I will write down what I stand for in my life. I will note at least one way I can show, through action, that I stand for my beliefs. I will develop a personal mission statement and draw a picture of myself living my mission. I will share my mission with at least three other people.


64 Ways in 64 Days Nonviolence Daily Reflections Day 22 – Feb. 20, 2012

From The 15th Annual Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence Jan. 30 to Apr. 4, 2012

If you need help in crafting your personal mission statement (or one for your family) and putting it on paper, you may want to click here for a free on-line resource provided by FranklinCovey.  You may also want to check out what I wrote earlier on Discovering Your Life Purpose.

As human beings, we have a common purpose — to awaken to our Divine Selves.  We incarnated and chose to come to Earth and experience human life to spiritualize matter and materialize Spirit.  Our mission as human beings therefore, is to embrace our humanness and integrate it with our Spirit Selves.  This mission takes on different forms and is unique to every individual.  Whatever form it takes — a job or career, family, relationship — ultimately, we are all here to allow Spirit to express through us, at any given moment in our lives.

In  The Sacred Purpose of Being Human, psychologist and author Jacquelyn Small shares how, as spiritual beings, we can learn to be humans through the 12 principles of wholeness:

Your sacred purpose is the same as it is for everyone who lives in a human body — We are all to fully engage in our humanness, and bring Spirit’s ways to every part of this human life….Our Creator spiritualizes matter.  As God’s offspring, we are here to materialize Spirit. We are God’s cocreators who incarnated, not to leave the human kingdom still half-made, but to complete it. Being fully human is therefore the most sacred act we can ever do. And what a mystery that is. We still have no idea what we’ll be once the human kingdom is perfected in nature. Perhaps this is when we’ll bring heaven to earth. What a blessing to be participating in such a cosmic event!

“But we humans are still in the making. Having had the Way modeled for us by beings as great as the Christ and the Buddha, we all still have a way to go. Once our emotional bodies purify and our minds become clear, we will just naturally be that unique, ideal Self we each came here to be. And when we all do this, our species will reach fruition. Never forget that as God’s child, you carry the seed of creation within you. And this seed, you now know, is the Self — your unique portrayal of the archetypal Self, the human blueprint.

“We were never intended to be helpless creatures relying on God to take care of us. Living as conscious co-creators is our job description, and no one can do your part but you. As you make the Self legitimate — by just believing in it and allowing it to express through you — you’ll start to see that anything about you that is not of Spirit’s making will start to dissolve. You will simply lose interest. This is how consciousness works, because once you make something conscious, it’s very difficult to go unconscious around it anymore.”

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