Acceptance and Empowerment

A crystal clear introduction to the universal teachings of love and forgiveness. This book traces all forms of suffering to negative attitudes and false beliefs, which we have the ability to transform. By Paul Ferrini

Acceptance of my reality is the first step in transforming it.  If I do not accept it, then I am not taking responsibility for creating it.  I believe myself to be powerless.

By accepting the reality at hand, I realize my responsibility for creating it.  That means I understand I am capable of changing my life when it is not working for  me.

How do I change it?  Not by focusing on my experience!  That is just like the kitten chasing its own tail.   I change it by focusing on my perception of experience. 

What I see is not going to change until I change my way of seeing it.  Change comes from inside out.  By surrendering my biases, expectations, preconceptions, and judgments about a situation in my life, I transform the way I see it.

Until I can create change from the inside out, I do not have legitimate psychological freedom.  My power to create is legitimate.  My judgments are not.

My biases and judgments limit my ability to see life in its totality.  Life in its totality is truth.

All perceptions run shy of truth.  Only total acceptance welcomes truth.

Contrary to popular belief, my ability to create a life that honors myself is not at odds with my capacity to accept reality as it is.  Until I abide with truth, my attempts to create result in conflict.

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When I see reality in selective terms, I establish conflict between what I am willing to see and what I am unwilling to see.  Selective seeing leads to self-deception.  Self-deception leads to projection.  Projection results in conflict in relationships.  And this conflict makes me feel trapped.

The more trapped I feel, the more selective my seeing becomes.  It is a vicious circle.  My way out is to find where my power lies.

My power lies in accepting all of myself exactly as I am.  My power lies in accepting all of my life exactly as it is.

When I stop trying to change my life, I put energy into living it.  That is exactly what it needs.   The investment of conscious energy in my life automatically begins to give it direction.  This is the way I empower myself and find the way out of conflict.

Excerpt from The Body of Truth by Paul Ferrini.

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  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing it. 🙂


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