Integrity – Walking in Harmony with Self

Have you ever watched someone making a speech and felt that, while everything they said made perfect sense, for some reason you couldn’t buy what they were saying? Have you ever been talking to someone and got the distinct impression that they were speaking one way yet feeling another?

If so, you were probably dealing with a person who was working the a life lesson of INTEGRITY.  Mastering this life lesson depends on our ability to integrate the four lines of vibration within our energy field — subtle vibrations that we transmit without conscious knowledge or thought.

The four vibrational lines of integrity are: 

  1. what we speak
  2. how we act
  3. what we think
  4. what we believe

If one or more of these energetic lines do not match the others, the vibration we transmit will become blurred and unclear.  At times, one line of vibration will cross over the others, canceling them out and blurring the overall signal that is transmitted into the universe.  When that happens, a blurred result is returned in all our creations, which in turn results in people having difficulty trusting or understanding us.  In addition to being confusing, this also causes us to doubt ourselves, which of course, blurs our energy field even further.

A good example of this is the actor who is not totally convincing in a role.  He may be perfectly competent, but for some reason we can’t quite put our finger on, we just can’t quite believe in the character enough to become fully engaged either with him or the play.  In most cases, it’s the fact that we know that something must be out of alignment for us to feel this way, but can’t work out what it is, that prevents us from believing their performance.  The actor is not being congruent.  And try as they might to conceal it, the misalignment will be broadcast in their energy field.  It is precisely this incongruency that often causes those uneasy feelings of mistrust when someone else is lying to us or being insincere.

Aligning our personal lines of vibration is all that is required to place ourselves in a state of vibrational integrity.  When we are in vibrational integrity, we interact well with others, which not only assists us in our dealings with them;  it also makes it easier for us to fully connect and integrate with our higher self.  Learning to walk consciously in total harmony — in what we speak, how we act, what we think, and what we believe — is the most important step in the mastery of integrity.

Excerpt from Spiritual Psychology:  The Twelve Primary Life Lessons by Steve Rother

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Copyright © 2011-2012 Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, M.A. and Aligning With Truth


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