FAITH and The Silence of the Heart: Reflections of the Christ Mind

The thought for today is FAITH.

When Cesar Chavez was organizing farm works in California, he challenged them to say, “Si, se puede” – yes, it is possible – when they didn’t know how they would overcome obstacles.

Today, say “Yes, it is possible” even if you don’t know how your goal will be realized. Have faith – you will find a way.

Today: I will say, “Yes, it is possible,” to every obstacle I meet. I will write down three things I am having a challenge with and with each one write “It is possible for me to overcome this obstacle and be successful.”

64 Ways in 64 Days Nonviolence Daily Reflections Day 10 – Feb. 8, 2012

From The 15th Annual Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence Jan. 30 to Apr. 4, 2012


Paul Ferrini leads us skillfully and courageously beyond shame, blame, and attachment to our wounds into the depths of self-forgiveness....a must read for all people who are ready to take responsibility for their own healing.

You cannot have faith in God unless you have faith in yourself and your brother.  But ask yourself “What is faith?”

Is it the belief in something that you perceive is lacking in your life?  If so, it is not faith.  Faith is never the perception of lack.

Faith is the perception of goodness in that which appears to be evil.  It is the perception of abundance in what appears to be not enough.  It is the perception of justice to that which seems unfair.

Faith is the bringing of love to the unlovable.  It is the bringing of compassion to the unmerciful. It is the bringing of God’s presence to the places where She seems to be absent.

Faith is the recognition of a higher good, a higher order, a higher truth, than the one the frightened child would see.  And faith is always won in the trenches.

Where do you find your faith?  In your most intense suffering!

Where do you find God’s presence?  In the moments when you feel totally abandoned and rejected?

This seems to be unfair.  But it is hardly so.  As long as you believe that you can be attacked, the Christ child will be perceived as an abused child.

Small and defenseless, he does not fight back.  He does not resist evil, because he knows evil is simply the perceived absence of love.  And the perceived absence of love can be transformed only by love’s presence.

The strongest power in the universe seems to be so weak, so easily overpowered, crucified and forgotten.  But it is not so.  All who attack the Christ must return to serve Him.  And they will keep coming back until they learn that He is them.  And therefore He cannot be destroyed.

Is this unfair?  To know that all attack is self-attack.  To fulfill the karmic law until one learns to rise above it.

How can it be unfair?

Only in the deepest pain of existence is faith in God discovered and confirmed.  This is no mystery.  It is the turning away from self attack.  it is the moment in which you realize that everything outside you is merely a reflection of an attitude you have toward yourself.

In that moment, you stop being a victim.

In that moment, you know your life has been perfect just as it is and has been.

In that moment, you claim your life, your authorship, your divine lineage.  You are not the boy who was nailed to the cross or the girl burned at the stake, but the child who learned to bless himself and in so doing saved the world.

You are the saint.  The angel.  The savior.

When you awaken, my job will be complete.

In truth, it is already complete.  But you will keep returning until  you know this in your heart, once and for all.

Excerpt from Silence of the Heart, Reflections of the Christ Mind Part II by Paul Ferrini

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