Becoming an Evolving Woman

Imagine a culture and a world based on the following radical and deeply spiritual agreements: 

  1. To awaken to and embody an Evolutionary Perspective
  2. To trust the timeless depth of the Self Absolute
  3. To accept sole responsibility for creating the future
  4. To own women’s collective history
  5. To liberate my identity from sexual roles
  6. To cultivate higher rationality and perspective
  7. To engage in perpetual development
  8. To relinquish the need for affirmation
  9. To cultivate integrity of self
  10. To forge an enlightened sisterhood

If you’re willing to make these radical agreements, join other evolving women in a 10-week journey in an on-line course brought to you by The Shift Network that starts on Monday, Feb. 6, 2012.

Make powerful changes that will permanently up-level your life! Experience and enjoy the following:

  • Make a profound shift in your fundamental motivation for life from the fears and desires of the ego to the evolutionary impulse which gives you conviction, direction, and an unlimited source of energy to fulfill your purpose.
  • See your life in a larger, evolutionary context that will enable you to depersonalize the challenges that you face so that you can stay on mission.
  • Discover the deepest dimension of your self that frees you from existential insecurity and enables you to contribute fully to the life process now.
  • Understand how we are made up of the living history of all the women who have come before us which frees us to make conscious choices in alignment with our highest aspirations for the future.
  • Step beyond the subtle and often unconscious ways that women defer and pull back from creative responsibility so that you can become the driver of our collective destiny.
  • Develop new capacities for emotional rationality and discernment that liberate you from getting lost in the drama and distractions of the ups and downs of life.
  • Meet other women in a new sisterhood based on a shared commitment to creating the future.

If you want to listen to a one-hour introductory teleseminar recording, click here.  You will hear transformational leaders Dr. Elizabeth Debold and Mary Adams discuss how women can liberate their potential and spiritual power to create a new world.

To listen or download the recording, click here.

If you resonate with the introductory teleseminar and want to go deeper into the material, go to The 10 Agreements for Evolving Women: Spiritual Essentials for Freeing Your Potential & Creating a New World and find out more about this 10-week online course.

About Elizabeth Debold and Mary Adams

Dr. Elizabeth Debold and Mary Adams are senior teachers of Evolutionary Enlightenment. Debold has been part of EnlightenNext for the past fifteen years, while Adams was one of its founding members 25 years ago.

Debold was an activist in the women’s movement where she held a leadership position in the National Organization for Women in New York City. After earning her doctorate at Harvard University, she worked with Carol Gilligan on groundbreaking research on women’s development, and she is the author of a bestselling book, Mother Daughter Revolution. Debold came to EnlightenNext to work with spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen to forge a path for a new women’s liberation.

Both Debold and Adams are part of a core group of women who have made it their life’s commitment to manifest a liberated, enlightened sisterhood that will not only transform women’s relationships with each other, but also change the fundamental dynamics between women and men.

To listen or download the recording, click here.

To know more about the 10-week online course, The 10 Agreements for Evolving Women: Spiritual Essentials for Freeing Your Potential & Creating a New World, click here.

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Copyright © 2011-2012 Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, M.A. and Aligning With Truth



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