When OWL Appears

The Universe is always sending us messages. Always.

The messages take many forms — a book, a conversation, a song, a film, an encounter, trees, plants and flowers, insects and animals.

The signs are all over and everywhere.  All we need to do is pay attention and use the opportunity to hear the message.

I’m a huge fan of Ted Andrews, international metaphysical author and teacher.  Through his books and writing, I’m able to see the hidden messages from nature and animals when they appear in my life — in actuality, dreams, or photos and images, as is the case with OWL this month.

On January 9, photonatureblog, a Nature and Outdoor Photography by Jeffrey Foltice followed my site. It’s an incredible site and a feast for the soul! Do check it out here.

When I visited his site, his most recent post was an image of Snowy Owl.

Two weeks after, I checked out his site. Again, his post was an image of Great Horned Owl.

This morning, one of Yahoo! News articles shows snowy owls’ rare “mass southern migration”.

And as I was taking a break from writing this post, I switched on the TV and caught on HBO the film, Legend of the Guardians:  The Owls of Ga’Hoole, a movie I hadn’t seen!  And rarely do I watch TV nowadays. The scene showed a close-up of Soren, a young barn owl. The movie was on its last two minutes — just enough time for Owl to call my attention for yet one more time!

Owl is clearly showing up to convey an important message or reminder.  Owl is making its presence felt, loud and clear! It can’t get any clearer.

In Feathered Omens:  Messenger Birds from the Spirit World by Ted Andrews , a deck of 40 omen cards with guidebook, OWL is described as:

Spirits are strong around you

“The owl has been worshipped and hated throughout the world, but always it intrigues and fascinates.  It is the epitome of mystery, magic, vision, and guidance.  It is also one of the most ancient signs for spirit contact.  The owl is the silent guide, teaching us to trust our instincts and silent impressions, especially in regards to spirit communication.  Its appearance now is alerting you to much spirit activity around you.

The owl is also a creature of the night, and night symbolizes the darkness within — the places where great secrets and great treasures are hidden.  Spirit is around now to remind you of this and to help you uncover these treasures.

The owl provides guidance through heightening your senses — physically and spiritually.  Its eyes are adapted to see the subtlest of movement with the least amount of light. Because of this, when Owl appears, you will hear undercurrents in the voices of others.  Owl is telling you that help and guidance are available to you, but it is still up to you to act upon its guidance.’

And from Ted AndrewsAnimal-Speak:  The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small, I gathered the following insights. They are both from studying the qualities and characteristics of owl as well as its enemy, predator and prey — skunk, crow, mouse.

And boy, are the symbolism and meanings spot on for me!

“See and hear what others try to hide; new vision is opening; a unique ability for seeing into the eyes and souls of others; keep silent and go about your business; sense of timing and prophetic instinct; accomplish tasks with timing and skill, not through intimidation; ability to be non-threatening in spite of its power and ability – true strength is gentle; power of prophecy and spirit; how to get more attention without being arrogant and irritating; how to deal with those people in our life who are outrageously irritating; balance the ability to draw and repel people – there are times best for drawing people and there are times best to avoid people, and finding the correct balance is what can ensure prosperity; self-image — remember that people are going to notice you and how they notice and remember can be controlled by you; how the winds are going to blow into your life and how to adjust your own life flights; ability to hear the inner voice; look for opportunities to create and manifest the magic of life; pay attention to details, or an indication that you cannot see the forest for the trees — you may be getting so locked into details that you forget the big picture.”

For a more detailed explanation of these insights, click here.

Animals can teach humans many lessons, if we can only learn to pay attention. And if we find the time and make an effort to study them and how they relate to our experiences and circumstances in our life.

Thank you OWL for showing up, and thank you for your gifts and blessings!!!

Meanwhile, I’ll go and rent a copy of Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole — who knows what other messages and insights Owl has for me!

* * *


In October 2014, OWL appeared to me again in another most powerful way. I wrote about it here, Mystery or Deception? and hereOwl Medicine — Discernment & Wisdom.

* * *

Update 11 October 2015

OWL appeared to me so powerfully and timely — again — through the Oracle Cards this time, a creation of Colette Baron-Reid. Here’s the message:


Deception, Wisdom

“The Owl lends you eyes that you need in order to see in the dark around you. The Owl can cut through the shadows to illuminate the real truth. Someone may be trying to camouflage his or her real intentions. Deceit, lies, and unclear intentions are exposed with Owl energy. The Owl also reminds you to be honest with yourself and snap out of any lies or denial inside you. Lying to yourself is the way that you’ll remain lost in a prison of your own making. The Owl appears to ask you to seek the truth in the darkest places within yourself. This will set you free and restore you to wholeness. All is well with the Owl to guide you. Deep wisdom into human nature is gained through the ability to recognize untruths. This is an important marker on your path.”

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    someone else who has had spiritual signs from owls : )


  2. ray says:

    need some help,long story short, when I was about 15 or so it was about dusk out, I was sitting on my deck and an owl sat on the fence about 15 feet from me,then another sat next to him.they hood at each other, looked at me then flew away.so my question is do you think that could be something spiritual or something ?


    • RobeyButler says:

      They are trying to inform you to see what is unseen around you. Generally such encounters involve someone leaving you or someone returning to you. Other times it could mean that there is a lie someone is keeping; Perhaps you yourself or someone close to you. Owl’s ONLY show you signs of things involving someone your tethered / connected to strongly.


      • Leslie says:

        Your words are the best explanation or description that I have seen in an easily understandable manner. I appreciate this very much and hope that others are able to discern the truth from them.
        Thank you,


      • Thank you, Robey, for what you wrote here. Your comment and the subsequent reply from Leslie brought this article to my attention after I received the notification from WordPress — with Owl serving as my guide once more. 🙂 The theme of deception, manipulation, and betrayal has shown up in my life recently. I’ve stayed away from it as I wasn’t quite ready yet to face it. This interaction between you and Leslie was the nudge that I needed, thanks to Owl. I’ve since revisited the issue, and I’m gaining so much clarity and wisdom as I look more closely into this matter — with Owl’s assistance and guidance for which I’m most grateful! Thank you once again! Om Shanti. Namaste.


  3. Ariella Moon says:

    What beautiful owl imagery! In my novel, Spell Struck, Book 2: The Teen Wytche Saga, I gave the hero an owl totem. As a shaman, I work with medicine animals and animal totems. Looks like Owl really wanted to get your attention!


  4. Love your energy! Thanks so much for visiting mine as well. xx


  5. Anonymous says:

    thank you
    this has helped me


  6. Hound says:

    The white barn owl has been visiting me since the fall of 2010. Either coming to roost from flight right in front of me, pausing, and taking flight again or flying directly above me or my home. Sometimes when flying over, screeing to get my attention if I had not taken notice of him. Sometimes I won’t see him for months, but he will return in clusters of visits. This despite having lived in five different houses in the last four years and on occasion while traveling. The last three visits; July new moon, August full moon, and just again the other night, August last quarter moon. Each time over the last four years it heralds a great insight or revealing along with change. I am blessed to have such a powerful animal spirit guide.


  7. Tara says:

    A owl flew on the fence at my job and start looking at me. Sound crazy but it was calling out to my soul. It wanted me to come closer but I was afraid. What does it mean ?


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  9. Don says:

    My deceased Father is speaking in the form of an Owl. The Owl visits and speaks. The Owl usually arrives to visit when I’m in need of that connection, as if knowing that, that specific moment is when I need to connect the most. When he passed away (Nov 28 2014) I wrote a poem in his memory. The title of the poem is “The Owl” …..


  10. joni myers says:

    So my 12 yo daughter’s Father is heavily in darkness…the past year we have visited the cemetery because it is a peaceful place for us. I have a gift of discernment, and lately have seen some similar spirits as my daughter. My daughter is very gifted and sees in the spiritual realm…the past year we have seen this very large barn owl…beautiful…I have pictures! The past few days we went to the cemetery and kept running into the same owl even during the dawn? Last night I took my daughter out to the cemetery because she sees a demonic spirit of her Father in a very disturbed distorted way and I sense the dark spirit. I parked our Subaru and held my arms around my daughter and walked her near the area of the spirit…as I began to teach her that no spirit has authority over her and how to command it to go away in the name of “Jesus” the owl began to SCREETCH at every word I spoke out load and I was commanding the spirit to flee from us…today I had a client who is Native American and a Christian…she informed me owls are spiritual messengers…I am not certain what to make of this incident? Was the owl trying to protect my daughter and I from evil? The owl has never done that before and did not SCREETCH when we got out of the car…only when I taught my daughter how to cast away demonic spirits? Any insight?


    • Hello Joni! I just sent you a response to the email that you sent me….

      May the answers and insights be revealed to you Joni. May you gain the clarity and wisdom as you move along your journey.

      Thanks again for visiting and sharing your experiences. I’d be curious to find out what you’d have discerned and figured out from what I emailed.

      Blessed be. 😀 ⭐ ❤ ⭐ 😀 NadineMarie


  11. Donna says:

    Hello Nadine
    Thought I’d share my recent experience
    Was also touched by yours – thanks for sharing your truths
    Blessings Donna

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  12. Monica says:

    I am lost. Lots of craziness in my life. Confused. I saw an owl while driving down a road, it was on the side of the road where the grass meets, standing there on the ground looking right at me. Not sure what to make of it.


  13. Sally4th says:

    The owl has lead me to this site, serendipitously or via my own curiosity to affirm my gut.
    On Sunday Oct 11th I went out into the backyard, turned towards the right as I followed the dog to his favorite area. I stopped after only about thirty feet, paused and turned my gaze outward. There was an owl lokking me squarely, we held that gaze for a while before she began watching the dog. I just know it was a female.
    I am sorting my mind, but my gut knows.
    This is not the first time such a thing has happened, timing is important, but this feels critical. It also brought a strong sense of relief that I am grateful for, if not confused by.

    Thank you for sharing your journey.

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  14. Dee says:


    My daughter and I have had the same strange experience months apart and would love some insight. At the beginning of the summer, she was driving at night in the rain. As she was driving under some trees that hung over the road, a white owl fell out of a tree and landed on her car. She knew it died…The exact same thing happened to me driving home from my daughter’s house tonight. It was raining and a white owl fell out of a tree overhanging the road. It hit the back of my car… I know it died. Both times she and I felt we were being given a strong message, but are at a loss to understand.

    Thank you for any insight.



  15. selfless AUS says:

    I am not one to share, but I think after coming across this blog I think it’s appropriate.
    Last Sunday night I had a journey to another realm with a wonderful local shaman facilitating. What followed was a blissful connection to EVERYTHING around me. So this was last sunday. I walked my dog on monday night and an Owl flew in front of me and sat on a tree near me. It was a beautiful moment. I might add I live in Melbourne Australia and you just don’t ever see Owl’s. I don’t know anyone that’s seen one. So Wednesday night same street but further up, same mr Owl flew up and sat on a power line near me. Now tonight, Sunday night. 1 full week later, same mr Owl flew up to me 3 suburbs away at a friends house. He even sat near me long enough for my friend to get his partner and the two little girls they have to come and greet mr Owl.
    I feel blessed.


  16. Trena says:

    I was coming home this evening about 11:00 pm I turned onto a country road i seen one owl and not even 2 meters another and the about another 4 meters another owl all 3 were white and all were sitting in the middle of the road all 3 flew towards the right into the field. Am i needing to know or understand something????


  17. Dave says:

    I am from the U.K. and in October last year my wife and I visited the U.S on a personal, custom tour of all things Native American. Without going through it all, it moved me to the point where I am now writing a book. The question of why I care so much gets asked regularly and I struggle to give an answer that really hits the mark. On Monday, the first day back at work after Christmas, my wife left for work at 4:30am and I lay awake thinking about bullying for some reason. My last two years of school were he’ll for me because of bullying. I have long since moved on but feel that we carry scars and they resurface in different ways. Can you get bullying on a greater scale than the Indian scenario? Perhaps that’s it. As I lay thinking, I hear an owl hoot from my front window. I have lived in my house for 16 years and never seen or heard an owl there. This has intrigued me.


  18. Jessica says:

    I have had many encounters with owls flying just past my windshield as I was driving and almost hitting my windshield, they get so close. Theres a couple trees by the hwy surrounded by farm fields. Years ago, almost everytime I would pass those trees, at the last minute an owl would dip down in front of me, cutting its course and fly back in front of me, almost getting struck! Didnt know what to make of it all. Then about 2 years ago I was camping in Eastern Washington off the river with some friends. My dog and I was takin a walk down a path that opened up to a grassy area with a huge old tree. As I was enjoying the peaceful surrounds I felt something or someone, I looked straight up into this old tree and there was a owl I had never seen before, sitting on a branch starring down at me. We both just sat there for a minute. I was i intimidated because this owl was tall, longer legs and body but it was deffinately a owl face. I looked at my dog and said lets go back to camp and as I heard somethin I looked at the tree an the owl was not there. I looked down to the ground in front of the tree and there it stood, about 8 feet from me and my dog. I got scared and quickly walked away with my dog but as I looked back to see if it followed us, it was gone. I didnt even hear it fly away!! So with all those encounters, I was driving home the other night, around midnight and being the only car at the time on the road, passing a small tree on my right, I see something cream colored, maybe white, fly from this tree, dip down in front of me with its wings pred out and before I passed in that split moment it turned and flew back in front of me to where I tapped my break so that I wouldnt hit it. Now Im looking for answers. Meanings. Insights. Anythang…. What are your thoughts on these experiences??


  19. Bee Halton says:

    Reblogged this on Just Fooling Around With Bee and commented:
    I was reading up on the spiritual and philosophical meaning of owls because I saw one a few times lately. Also when this happened last time big time positive changes came into my life.

    While researching I stumbled over this blog post and I want to share it with you. Please comment on Nadine Maries blog. Thanks!

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  20. Miriam says:

    What a beautiful post. I haven’t seen any owls lately but I do feel an affinity with birds, lorikeets, cockatoos and native parrots around my area that lately seem to be circling and landing close to our back door.

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  21. Alicia says:

    I have had three real encounters with owls and they are significantly powerful. I would like help understanding the messages. My first encounter happened four months ago when I saw one in my next door neighbors yard. I stopped and watched him. He swooped over my head and would have hit me if I didn’t duck. Then we shared about ten minutes only four or five feet away from each other. He looked at me playfully as he hunted in the grass and dove in with his beak before flying up to the telephone line again. This all happened only days before leaving for Brazil. The night before I left Brazil I again caught site of an owl in the neighbors yard where I was staying but only had a few moments to observe him and not interaction.

    Just two weeks ago on my way home to the island from the mainland I drove off the ferry and was on the highway less than two minutes and an owl flew into my windshield and was killed. 😦
    This happened after my friend and I had just had a conversation about owls and their meanings.
    I am very concerned and am in great need of discovering the message here.
    I have never seen owls in the wild before these encounters.


  22. Anonymous says:

    Today an owl almost hit my win shield


  23. Hello Nadine! I loved reading this!

    I love the owl message! One time, several years ago, a friend of mine and I decided to meditate to a shaman CD (rattle, etc) to see if we could determine what our totem animal is. It came to me very clearly…. The owl! Your message really speaks to me. Thank you!

    Funny story… My dear hubby is not into my stuff, in fact he says, “Elizabeth takes care of the woo-woo shit in the family”. One day we had a heron fly over us while bicycle riding, and he kept seeing them every day, lots and lots. So I said, the heron is your totem animal. He was not into it, but it is a kind of joke with us. (I don’t push any of this stuff on him and he appreciates it.) He decides that the wombat is his real totem animal (he now calls the heron his” faux totem”…… Finds out all about them, even that they have square poop…heehee. He even creates what he calls a grotto ( I call altar) with a plastic wombat and other plastic animals.

    Anyway, perhaps you had to be there but we laugh a lot, just celebrated 25 years yesterday.

    Much love to you!!!



  24. Some Guy says:

    I recently broke up with my girlfriend, serious relationship.. 3 years in.. living together etc. THE VERY SAME DAY I BROKE UP WITH HER, I was driving with my window down, and saw an owl swoop down towards my vehicle,.. it smashed into the window jamb area, slapped me in the face, and excuse my french,.. crapped all over me and my truck seat. I cannot begin to describe how spot on this stuff is that I’m reading.. since then I’ve been able to see right through her lies, and pleas to come back, and honestly feel like this was a spirit of a good friend of mine that passed away many years ago.. he had a sense of humor so it makes sense the bird defiled me and my truck. I really believe I’m on the right path in life this very moment, and that’s coming from a Christian, that prays to God nightly, and truly believes he’s going to heaven! I don’t know how, or if any of this stuff contradicts Christianity, but I believe that what you call “signs from the animals” might just be signs from God.


  25. Stacey says:

    I’m so glad to have come upon this! Recently, I have begun to see owl images everywhere. It’s a bit disturbing. For the most part, I’m not actually seeing the animals – just television, pictures, drawings, bumper and car window stickers, t-shirts on people in stores and at work. I don’t have a good relationship with birds so it is all the more strange. Anyway, I thought at first that it was just the recent popularity of the imagery but it has been too frequent – and persistent, if that makes sense – to be mere coincidence. Internet research is pretty much focused on owls being spirit animals and I don’t think that is what is happening in my case. I feel like it is a warning – a portent. My life and my mind are just tornadic right now and I fear that I won’t be able to calm myself enough to hear the message. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  26. Latrice Jackson says:

    I was going through a really rough confusing painfull dark place in my life… And had three owls scream at me one big one middle size and one small all while staring me in my eyes screeching louldy please help me figure this out


  27. Chesed Cooley says:

    Hello. I am very intrigued by all that has been written and everyone’s shared experiences. I would love to share my story and perhaps have a better understanding of such an amazing encounter.
    Okay so it’s been about 7 years since thus very magical night, but will do my best to share and help others feel what my family and I felt this very night.
    I am from Tucson Arizona but at the time we were living in Marana Az which is about 30 to 40 minutes from Tucson. It was a dark winter night, we were on our way back home which felt like an eternity. At the time my husband owned a bronco that we dubbed “the monster truck” it was loud and bumpy, not the best car for long rides. Anyway, as we make our turn onto one of the three dirt roads to get home, my husband sees a car stop abruptly, all I caught was very shiny headlights and feathers all white feathers. I don’t recall what my reasoning for my intense urge to stop him and have him pullover but I did. We both jumped out of the truck and ran to see what had happened. My husband pointed out a white dove, till thus day I can’t recall the dove only remember a bloody chest. My full attention and all focus almost like tunnel vision and being guided was for this large bird that was faced down on the road. As my husband flipped him over and everyone assumed his death, I instinctively knew he was not dead scooped him into my arms and cradled him from our truck into our home. Never once did I doubt or fear this beautiful creature. I feel it all as a haze until he opened his eye and slowly grabbed on to my jacket so gently. At that moment all of us were in complete awe of our reality. Our 7 yearold daughter witnessed this from the back seat with complete focus. We all knew what could potentially happen if we allowed fear to kick in. I composed myself and spoke out loud to him I told him I will help you and please trust in me. He blinked once at me other eye (left) completely closed. He spinned his head around to see my husband then continued his focus on me until we were home. At the time we owned 6 dogs and our pretty bird along with an old cat. I told my husband to secure the dogs and that I was starting to feel weak and arms were shaking uncontrollably. As I sat in our front porch I couldn’t help but just allow tears to flow for I was extremely thankful for this very moment and just needed to release such amazing energy transfer somehow. As the door opened I remember telling “blink” as I had named him that I was going to lay him down and wrap my favorite horse blanket on him. Now I know him and I were having dialogue but the way my husband recalls it is as if I was on auto pilot just focused and acting. So I did place him slowly on our bed and he allowed me to wrap him up. I said we have to go get him help he needs his eyes and we headed off to the Eastview animal clinic. I have to confess that I know we were on route for at least 30 to 40 minuts and back to our bumpy loud monster truck, but I must’ve meditated or left somewhere because all I remember is arriving and feeling blinks claws with slightly different pressure. All of our energies were different in town. I felt his fear and tried my hardest to calm him. As we arrived a vet tech came out with a towel, I asked her if she needed me to set him down and she said she could handdle it. I trusted her words with doubt if that make sence. I didn’t want to let him go but knew there was nothing more I could do for him. As I let him go we all lost it, including blink, he started flapping his wings and was uncontrollable. I was asked to back away and two more people came to try and get him wrapped around that towel. I felt such loss, almost as if I had just left my own child to a cold scary doctors office. We asked to be kept informed of his recovery and exchanged numbers. I don’t recall anything else from that night. Just like that magic came and went. When you experience such highs the lows are so painful. But I am so thankful for the experience we all had that night it is one for the books! About a few months after that night we received a call that he had been re released into the wild where he belongs!!
    I hope I was able to express such a magical moment for you properly….
    If anyone can see beyond a call for help and a connection between two living beings please I am all ears.
    Mucho love and when we see an owl we always blink!!


  28. Mark says:

    A white barn owl visited me when my second child was in his mother’s womb. I was planning on going to work and that evening I decided I’m going to stay home, I decided to sit out in the living room on our third floor and I noticed A white reflection outside the balcony swoop upward. I didn’t think much of anything but in the back of my mind I was thinking about the Native American woman who told me my sign was the sign of the white owl. So I was curious and I went and looked out there and saw nothing but I heard something on the roof top peak because I was on the top floor, and it sounded as water dripping. So I went back inside and sat back down to watch TV. No more then five minutes later I saw a white reflection swoop downward at the corner of my eye. I then began I’m really curious and went back out there to look only expecting to see a Siegel maybe. I looked around and about and when I turned to my right I felt frightened. I saw a white owl sitting on the peak of the apartment to my right and it looked so foreign an alien to me and it was looking right at me. The owl soon jumped off of the peak and swooped and flew towards me and within 5 feet from me it finally turned out and flee out into the woods.


  29. noorsandhu says:

    I saw 3 owls last night. I was outside on phone with a friend when I heard this unusual bird noise and wing flapping. I saw 3 birds sitting on electricity wires next to a pole and intuitively I knew they were owls. As I opened the gate of the house, one of them flew away. I felt as if its purpose was only to catch my attention. I moved around to get a better view at the other two who now sat on top of the pole huddled together, as if almost cuddling. Their necks kept following me in whichever direction I walked. And then they flew when I came back into the house.
    Does the number of owls also have a relevance?
    We don’t have owls in this part of the country and the last time I had seen one was a coupe of years ago when something big was going on in life.


  30. Kathy says:

    Last night I had a dream which was long and involved and I don’t really remember it except for this; I was driving along a road and a small brown owl with golden eyes appeared directly in front of me on the road and I didn’t have time to swerve or avoid it! I ran over it and felt so sad, then I saw its left eye had come out and was stuck to some rubber and was a kind of milky white. I feel quite affected by it and feel it is significant. I would be really grateful for any insight. Thank you


  31. CR says:

    I had a white owl fly into the tres in my garden on the evening of 2nd September (a new moon). I felt exhilarated and wonderful and it felt very special. Am I being a nutter?


  32. John Holt says:

    I don’t know about the owl and truth, I have always told the truth and I do not live my life in deception. A Barred owl has taken to me and visits me almost every morning or every evening. He/she is my new friend, makes me laugh and makes me humble in awe. The owl accepts my friendship with water, curiosity, and my ramblings when I speak to him/her. I have taken video and can be seen on Facebook. It is a wild owl, not owned, not banned, and is a juvenile or young adult. All I know is, it likes me and I like him.


  33. sonam choki says:

    I have seen white owl day before yesterday above the road on tree. So is it God or bad omens?


  34. leah says:

    My owl encounter started 2 weeks ago.
    Whilst i was driving at night i saw what looked to be a plastic bag sitting in the middle of the road but as i drove closer i realized it was a tawny frog mouth owl just sitting there and as my headlights shown on him he hid his face in his wings.
    I drove back to pick him up as i know these roads are known for wildlife being struck by cars,
    So i got out the car and he just sat there as i walked towards him. I grabbed a blanket out and put it over him and picked him up and my son held him as i drove home. It was late but i rang some wildlife carers to ask what i should do and they told me just to keep him in a box until morning then take him to the local vet.
    I was up most of the night checking he was ok.
    Next morning i looked in his box and he was sleeping soundly, i actually thought he had passed away but then he drew a breath and i was so relieved.
    He was beautiful.
    The vet took him in to be checked over stating that the owls dive down in front of cars to get the bugs and frogs on the roads and he probably had concussion,however if he was ok he was to be released where i found him.
    A week later in the same spot, an owl exactly the same flew over my car and then just tonight i was driving down my street when the same kinda owl flew into the top of me windowscreen, i pulled over looked back but couldnt see him on the ground. I drove home then went back twice to look for him but i didnt find him. I hope he is ok.
    Anyways my whole life i had never seen owls, but my mum passed away 3 months ago and my 2 cats so im thinking would that have anything to do with the owl?


  35. Christine says:

    I saw the tail feathers moving out the window first. Couldn’t believe my own eyes. When I ran to the balcony windows I saw a huge owl … I think from pictures it was a snowy owl (?!) … flying away from my condo building. I’m 25 floors up, this is a city environment, and the owl (definitely an owl by the size and colouration and feathers) was at first clinging to the building. When I disturbed it, the bird flew away. I’ve heard of people seeing owls in the country, and more so at night. But this was daytime, a city environment, an apartment building, and the bird was directly outside my window. I saw it, and I don’t believe it. What is the meaning?


  36. Laurie says:

    Tonight I headed out to move my car and paused when I noticed something sitting on the left side of my car. A large brown Owl. He just sit there for about 15mins. A truck came pass and he watched that truck and then moved to the right side of my car. He remained there for another 10mins. I took several pictures and he just looked at me. I have never seen a owl this close. I know it has some meaning just not sure what it is.


  37. Brooke says:

    Hello! My husband seen and heard an owl perched out back everyday for a long time yet I can not see it when he points it out. I am not sure what to think about that. What do you think?


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  39. Brandi Ly says:

    Hello, I had a dream recently. My boyfriend and I were walking down a long dirt pathway. This was probably during daytime because it was light out. Next thing I knew there was a brown, maybe tannish owl to the side flying next to us while we walked. We noticed and admired for it was a beautiful sight to see. What do you think this means?


  40. Renee says:

    Tonight I had 2 close encounters with an owl. As I was walking my dogs late tonight admiring the moon I felt something was watching me. I turned my flashlight on and kept going but kept peering back. I peered back just in time to see an owl swooping towards me? The adrenaline was unreal. It perched itself right in a tree in front of me. I thought this must be a mama owl and her nest must be close by. I stared at it for awhile and even talked to it. It looked like it was curious “who” I was, what I was but I remained calming saying and repeating words that I am not threat. As I turned the corner the owl in the tree looked gorgeous with the moon behind it. I stopped and admired the sight. As I began to walk away I felt that presence again! I looked back and this time the owl swooped aggressively at me! I fell to my knees to dodge it. My dogs were frightened and hid next me. So many thoughts ran and are still running through my mind. It landed next to me again. It looked again curious but also angered. I did accidently flash my high beam blinky flashlight on it. I didn’t mean to and when I did it looked like it wanted to attack. I was in awe-struck, nervous but, remained calm. I told it I meant no harm. As I backed away I kept saying I am no threat to you. So… I am interested. Do you have any thoughts?


  41. Anonymous says:

    Very spot on. Thank you,namaste

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Jennifer Smith says:

    This past October I was outside sitting on the porch. It was a beautiful Fall afternoon. I looked up and saw a white owl fly directly over me and head in the direction of my friends’ house a few blocks away. Later that afternoon when my Son arrived home from school, he mentioned several emergency vehicles on my friends’ street and said he hoped everything was okay with them. At that moment I knew it was my friend Sara. Unbeknownst to me,she passed into the Summerland after having a vascular hemorrhage. The paramedics attempted to revive her when the owl was flying over. The very next day, her cat of 17 years passed too,


  43. Reblogged this on Journey2Kona2019 and commented:
    Nadine puts SO much effort into producing a beautiful and deeply informative post! WELL WORTH your reading!


  44. Audrey M Jaime says:

    What does it mean when an owl flys right up side you then guys off into the night… Then seconds later crosses your path again


  45. Louise O'Moore says:

    About a year ago I started to see owls everywhere. For about 5months I kept spotting them, almost always in image form, and then in December had a huge panic attack that lead to a three month episode of derealisation and sometimes depersonalisation. It was the most horrible thing I have ever experienced, with constant panic attacks and my brain becoming unable to concentrate on anything normal – i have since been plagued with existential thoughts and slip in and out of feeling suicidal – in this period i completely stopped seeing owls, however recently have started to see owls again – I’m worried that things are going to get worse again


  46. Jennifer says:

    Am wondering if there is any significannce to an owl flying from west to east or vice versa, north to south, or vice versa. I was thinking that if they are coming from da west flying easy it means new beginnings.


  47. Jamie Scuturio says:

    Full moon, 6:26 p.m. EST. Driving on a buay main road came to a red light. To the north west of my vehicle I see a beautiful white owl, my passenger saw it too so I am not crazy. It sat there in between lanes and as I looked at it, it looked right back at me. When the light changed to green, the vehicle in the lane to my left proceeded to drive, thats when the owl flew away still in a north west pattern. I cannot find anything to help me decipher what this visit could possibly mean for me…for my life. If there is anything you could possibly offer to help me understand this owls visit I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!


  48. Wendy says:

    Here goes my dream then reality! About 1year and 1/2 dreamt there were 7 dead owls on the front of a brick building courtyard lawn. Familiar people around me as I picked them up and placed them into a basket I had. Feelings I had in the dream were sad that the owls were dead and in awe. Since this July and forward I have found 7 dead owls on my path on the sides of the road ~ Real life!


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  50. Deana Rose says:

    Hi. An owl actually flew against my window with a bang and left a print!
    This sounds quite unbelievable when I see it in writing but it is the truth. It’s not happened before. I have been reading on owl symbolism but do you feel that it is more of a warning because of how it happened?
    Thank you for any insight,
    Love and Light


  51. Edward says:

    Im a nocturnal bike rider , and while in country Victoria, at the Murry river, a massive owl decided it would try to interact with my fast bike ride , it landed in the middle of the road. And every night after that without fail, , when ever i stopped and looked up at low tree branches , it was there.. it was a companion while in swan hill, in canberra, a big gray Owl , has for the second time greeted me on a pedestrian bridge , that crosses a storm water drain…. first time was a shock as the owl did not fly away , and just sat there , as i slowed right down as i crossed,,,, ( last night i told my friend About the Owl that greeted me at the exact spot and , on my ride home immediately after , it was there ,


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