Discovering Your Life Purpose

Do you know what your life purpose is?  Do you want to know what your reason for being is?  What is your calling?  How can you know what your mission in life is? How can you live purposefully?  What are your unique gifts and talents and how can you share them to the world?

Our life purpose is more than just a job title. Our career may not be our calling but for some, their career is their calling.

Whether your career is also your calling, or your job is separate from your calling, 3 things that helped me in my process of discovery are:

  • Knowing myself and what my passions are — Forget about society, culture, church, family, friends.  Forget about what they think or will say.  Ask yourself:  What do I most love to do, what do I really, really want to be doing or be involved with, that it makes my heart sing and it makes me dance with joy?  What is it that I do, that when I do it, I lose track of time?  What are the things that are easy and effortless for me to do?
  • Having a well-developed intuition and balancing this with logical reasoning are essential in coming up with well-rounded decisions.
  • Developing a big picture perspective — Believing that there is a reason for everything and all my life experiences are interconnected.  There are moments when I thought I figured it out already, and something seems to be getting in the way.  This only means and I trust that the Universe has something better around the corner.

Discovering my life purpose wasn’t a quick process.  It wasn’t like I woke up one morning from a dream where I was given a vision of how my life was supposed to be lived.  It was a combination of reading books, consulting spiritual teachers, self-discovery and self-inquiry, and meditation and prayer.

Here are some resources that may help you discover what you were born to do and be in this lifetime.  I’m sure there are other books in the market but these are the ones that were helpful to me.  And I still occasionally consult them when I have my moments of doubts, or I feel that I am losing focus of my purpose and mission, or my life work needs some tweaking.

Where your talents and the needs of the world cross lies your calling. ~Aristotle              

Attracting Prosperity Through the Chakras by Cyndi Dale 

You hold the key to your personal prosperity—you just have to know which door to unlock. In Attracting Prosperity Through the Chakras, best-selling author Cyndi Dale shows you how to determine your chakra type and the complementary financial style that will lead to personal and financial success. Using the codes of your chakra system described in this book, you will learn how to clarify your unique life purpose, tackle debt or financial difficulties with more ease, and choose lucrative investments. Going beyond basic financial management, Attracting Prosperity Through the Chakras provides the means to access the mystical and powerful energies of the universe to accomplish your individual goals and ultimately realize your lifelong dreams.

Discover Your Spiritual Destiny:  Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul to Build a Better Life by Kim O’Neill

Discover Your Spiritual Destiny shares astonishing new insights about how to unlock the secrets of your destiny, bringing you total peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

Each of you has a unique spiritual destiny recorded in our soul — a blue-print for achieving happiness and success in each earthly lifetime. By becoming conscious of your individual destiny, you learn what this life has in store for you — what challenges you must face and what bounty you were meant to have.

In a simple, step-by-step program, Discover Your Spiritual Destiny: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul to Build a Better Life teaches you how to access your soul’s memory bank, allowing you to: achieve your life’s purpose, find your romantic soul mate, become aware of past-life experiences, banish confusion about where you are headed, release patterns of destructive relationships, resolve distressing issues, and become a happier, more successful person today.

Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life:  Getting to the Heart of Your Life’s Mission by Carol Adrienne

For all those who have been enchanted by the power of synchronicity and are ready to be taken further down the path, Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life: Getting to the Heart of Your Life’s Mission offers the next step. Here, Carol Adrienne, coauthor of the New York Times bestseller The Celestine Prophecy: An Experimental Guide, provides a practical workbook that shows you how to tap the unsuspected potential of synchronicity — the force revealed in everyday coincidences — and use the power of your own intuition. Using dozens of examples from her own life and work, and offering an array of write-in exercises, Carol Adrienne reveals how you can use synchronicity to find your purpose in life and achieve the rewards that come from living in harmony with the soul’s code.

Remembering Your Soul Purpose:  A Part of Ascension – An Ascension Book and Workbook for Excavating Your Soul’s Unique Purpose and Contribution by Karen Bishop

Have you often felt that you were put here on Earth for a specific purpose but just couldn’t quite remember what it was? Have you experienced a wide range of mysterious and strange physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms that make you wonder if perhaps you were losing your mind? Are you frequently having recurring feelings of “no sense of place”? Remembering Your Soul Purpose easily and clearly explains how and why these symptoms are part of the ascension process, as we are literally dying while we are alive. Through this purification process, we are becoming closer and closer to Source and our true selves, as we gradually begin to arrive in the higher realms.  With an extensive workbook section, you will clearly come to know who you are, why you are here on Earth at this particular time, what you came to contribute and where you will eventually reside.

The Four Purposes of Life:  Finding Meaning and Direction in a Changing World by Dan Millman

The Four Purposes of Life was born from Dan Millman’s decades-long search to make sense of life. He distills decades of experience into a concise map of the journey — the full scope of what we’re each here to accomplish here on planet Earth. It puts together, for the first time, essential elements from the “peaceful warrior teachings” in their full and proper context — providing a burst of clarity to bring our lives into sharper focus. This backstage tour of life begins with the proposition that we are here to fulfill (not one but) four purposes:

  1. Learning Life’s Lessons
  2. Finding Your Career and Calling
  3. Fulfilling Your Hidden Life Path
  4. Attending to This Arising Moment

A few highlights include:

  • the higher purpose of daily life
  • twelve required lessons in the school of life
  • how to make better decisions in career and relationships
  • the qualities of leadership no matter who you are
  • a mysterious system to clarifying your hidden calling
  • keys to mastering the most important purpose of all

Prepare for a quantum leap in self-knowledge, insight, and wisdom to light your way, expand your awareness, and improve the quality of your life. The seeds planted by this remarkable book will bear fruit for years to come.

The Life You Were Born To Live:  A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose by Dan Millman

Dan Millman presents an entirely new way of understanding life and the forces that shape it. The Life-Purpose System, a modern method of personal growth based on ancient wisdom, has helped thousands of people find new meaning, purpose, and direction in their lives. The Life You Were Born To Live features the thirty-seven paths of life and

  • how to determine your life path and the life paths of others
  • core issues, inborn talents, and special needs of each path, including health, money, and sexuality
  • guidelines for finding a career consistent with your innate drives and abilities
  • the hidden dynamics of your relationships
  • how to live in harmony with the cycles of life

The Life-Purpose System explores key spiritual laws — universal principles specific to each life path — that help you clarify the past, understand the present, and shape the future. It can generate a quantum leap in self-understanding and may even change the course of your life.

The Purpose of Your Life:  Finding Your Place In The World Using Synchronicity, Intuition, And Uncommon Sense by Carole Adrienne

The co-author of The Celestine Prophecy Experiential Guide helps readers uncover the unsuspected, untapped power of synchronicity and intuition that will bring success, satisfaction, and serenity. Everyone really has a purpose in life, says Carol Adrienne in her new guide to harnessing the power inside yourself. The question is: How do you learn to go with the flow and let your true nature guide you?

Chapter by chapter, The Purpose of Your Life explains how to locate the source of your innate energy and focus it, how to align yourself with the natural forces that swirl around us always, and how to develop the intuition that fosters synchronicity. The book is packed with illuminating anecdotes and profiles of fascinating people — from artists to urban planners to Zen masters — who describe how they found their own purposes. There are practical exercises throughout, along with charts, self-questionnaires, and other tools that help you understand yourself and your deepest aspirations.

As you learn to recognize and trust the voice of intuition, you’ll find new doors opening and new possibilities everywhere. You’ll feel invigorated by the potential you’ve unleashed, a power that will only grow with each new accomplishment. And you’ll discover the serenity and satisfaction that come only to those who are living life to the fullest. The Force is with you — all you have to do is reach out and start to use it.

In addition, here are a couple of videos on the topic:


Finding Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle

Here’s a one-and-a-half-hour video of Eckhart Tolle on Finding Your Life’s Purpose where he “invites you to discover the twofold intention of our human incarnation: to free yourself from the prison of “thought-based reality,” and to express in your own way the grand vision that universal consciousness has for your life.”


waynedyerinspirationInspiration: Your Ultimate Calling by Wayne Dyer where he shares his six remarkable steps for living an inspired life.


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