Developing Unity Consciousness

There’s a difference between standing firm in one’s belief and insisting or imposing it on another as to be the ONE AND ONLY true way.  I cringe each time I read posts or comments or hear conversations reflecting this way of thinking.

I shake my head in disbelief and I feel saddened.  Yet I pay special attention that I myself am not judging them for judging others.  I tell myself to be accepting and extend compassion.  I offer a silent prayer and send good thoughts and light. 

There was a point in my search and healing that I became active in the Catholic Church.  I even attended some of the talks given by the group Singles for Christ.  I attended Masses not only on Sundays but as often as I could during the week.  I joined a community and attended their services and listened to their spiritual talks.  Because of my love and passion for singing, I contemplated being a member of the choir.  But I was told by a dear friend that it may be quite difficult for me since they will not allow me to wear mini-skirts.  And that was a deal-breaker.  🙂

Today, I no longer resonate with those practices and the Catholic Church in general.   It doesn’t mean I now find them wrong.  No.  It doesn’t mean I regret having done them in the past.  Not at all.  I was fed and filled up by those activities.  I thrived on them.  My soul was nurtured and my spirit was nourished.  Back then, I couldn’t think of any other way to find spiritual sustenance.  They were what I needed at that point in my life.  It served its purpose and for that I am grateful. 

But I have grown and evolved to a stage in my life that there are other ways through which I find spiritual fulfillment.  Yet I do not discourage people from doing what I did then.  I do not prevent them from getting involved in ways that I have.  All I know is they’re no longer for me.  And it is what it is.

We all are where we need to be

We all are where we need to be.  The lessons we are learning show up in different packages.  And there never are any mistakes, only lessons learned.

We cannot control everything.  We cannot control everyone.  We are not supposed to.  We are not meant to do that. 

What we have control over and what we ought to be concerned with is how we respond when we see a fellow human being take a path that’s different from ours.  What we are responsible for is how we handle ourselves and learn our lessons.   That is what defines our character.  That is what helps keep us united in faith, in whatever form that faith takes.  See related post, One With Thee.

How do we help lessen the division and separateness amongst us?

When we come across someone with a different religious belief or spiritual path, may we be more focused on being united and being one with the belief that there is a far greater power beyond our limited human selves and personalities that is directing the course of our lives.  We are all part of this greater power.  We all comprise a greater whole.

The order of the day is to find ways to be able to tap into this greater power, to find the connection and stay connected. It is this connection that guides us every moment, each step of the way.  It is this connection that zips our mouths and allows us to see through love and see only love.

Unity and peace in diversity

We can develop this unity consciousness and apply it in any and every situation, and not only when we encounter someone with a different set of religious or spiritual beliefs. 

When we encounter someone who is different from us, someone who is choosing a lifestyle, relationship, work, a place to live, or anything else that we may not even think considering doing, may we not judge the other for being different or question why they made that choice. 

Rather, may we delight in the diversity which is giving us the opportunity to be more accepting and compassionate of others.  There can be unity in diversity.  And there can be peace in diversity rather than animosity.

May we learn to hold the space for each other and let people be wherever they are in their journey. If we truly believe and have faith in our God (by whatever name we call Him/Her/It), then we can let go, surrender, and call upon our God to talk to their God, and ask their God to ensure that they are protected and guided.

Perhaps unhealthy arguments or unnecessary disagreements can be minimized.  Perhaps rather than feel the need to prove ourselves right, impose our views on others, and jump in and preach about our beliefs, we can instead take a deep breath, connect to Spirit, bless our fellow human beings, be compassionate, say a prayer of thanks for them for their learning, as well as a prayer of thanks for ourselves for staying in our light.

Rather than dim other people’s light, may our interior light continue to shine ever so brightly, and may we all continue to be carriers of the Light.


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3 Responses to Developing Unity Consciousness

  1. melissa gray says:

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder that there can be peace and unity in diversity! It’s so often tempting to pass judgement on those who judge others – staying on our spiritual path (whatever it might look like!) helps us to have compassion for and acceptance of all those who share our planet. Many blessings!


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