New Moon in Aquarius, January 23 – the first new moon in 2012

Our first new moon in 2012 is on Monday, January 23 and it is in the sign of Aquarius. 

I find this particular new moon especially powerful because of two synchronistic events that happened to me today, which I’ve written in my posts, Why Not Now? – Staying in Alignment and A Vision of a Beautiful New World.  It is also the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon, which is the most auspicious and most powerful of the Chinese zodiac signs. 

The New Moon is the time of the month when we do not see the moon in the sky. The energies during the time of the new moon are best utilized for new beginnings. There is a much higher chance of anything planted or started during this time to come to fruition. 

The New Moon energies help usher in accelerated growth for a project, relationship, business, lifestyle habit or plan, or any other area in our life that is started during this time. If we don’t have any new project or venture, it is the best time to make wishes to get it started. 

Wishes around issues related to each astrological sign are most powerful when the New Moon is in the corresponding sign in the zodiac. 

For example, Taurus rules money, sensual pleasure, and the physical senses. It is most potent to make wishes on starting a new budget or spending plan when the new moon is in Taurus. It doesn’t mean though that we will not be able to properly budget or our plan will fail when we start it during any other time. It only means that wishes around the areas influenced by the sign are more powerful when the new moon is in that particular sign. 

The New Moon this month is in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of SPIRITUAL REBIRTH.  It is ruled by the planet Uranus, the “Awakener”, the ruler of TRUTH.  

Areas associated with Aquarius and Uranus

Aquarius and Uranus are associated with rebellion, change, social reform, mystery, search for truth, challenging tradition, innovation.  Aquarius and Uranus also rule the eleventh house, the house of friendships and acquaintances, personal hopes and wishes, groups of people in general, especially those groups which have a common bond or goal such as clubs and social organizations, science and technology, computers, ideas that are innovative or ahead of the times.

How you will be impacted by this new moon on a personal level

If you want to know how you will be impacted by this new moon on a personal level, find which house Aquarius is in your birth/natal chart. The issues associated with that house are going to be the most affected by this New Moon’s presence.  It is where you need to reform old concepts and ideas about the areas of that house. 

For example, if Aquarius is in your third house, the house of communication, this is the best time to make wishes or start something new around communication such as speaking, writing, gesturing, signalling, telephoning, faxing, emailing, blogging, chatting, casual conversations.  It is also the house of siblings and environment so wishes or starting something new may be around the areas of how you interact with your environment, your neighbours and siblings, school, your neighborhood, your workplace, trading, getting around town, trips and visits.

Areas to focus on when making wishes

Your wishes can be around any of the following areas that Aquarius and Uranus rule: 

  • humanitarianism including operating from a larger worldview, seeking outcomes that are for the good of all, identification with humankind;
  • the future including new trends and unconventional approaches, following your heart’s desires, high technology;
  • inventions including eccentricity and understanding how things work;
  • revelations including freedom, surprises and unexpected results;
  • friendship including networking and giving and receiving platonic love;
  • the big picture including manifesting dreams, seeking knowledge and tools of divination such as astrology, numerology, tarot, I-ching, etc.;
  • excessive detachment including fear of involvement or inflexible opinions; and
  • restoring health issues involving the ankles and calves, circulation, cramps and spasms, and varicose veins.

Some sample wishes

Here are some sample wishes from Jan Spiller‘s book, New Moon Astrology: Using New Moon Power Days to Change and Revitalize Your Life. I prefer to use the word intend rather than wish or want.   Please choose what feels right to you. You may also modify or create your own.

“I intend to see life from a nonconventional point of view”;

“I intend to be aware of the beginning of new trends, and cooperate with them in a way that is in my best interest”;

“I intend to easily see myself as part of a community that is living in truth and transparency and in alignment with the earth”;

“I intend to find total clarity regarding the best ways that I can participate with others to create successful win-win outcomes”;

“I intend to become consciously aware of the larger picture of what is happening in the area of ____”;

“I intend to easily find myself actively involved in furthering the cause of _____ at least ___ hours of each ____ (week/month)”;

“I intend to greet unexpected events as positive opportunities for growth”;

“I intend for a new revelation to show me the right path in the matter of _____”;

“I intend to easily find myself realigning with my thinking and consciousness in cooperating with my destiny”;

“I intend to easily attract and enroll in the right ___(tarot, astrology, etc.)___ class for me (or find the appropriate practitioner) that will open me to the knowledge I seek”;

“I intend to easily find myself networking with my peers, successfully cooperating for the fulfillment of commonly held goals”;

“I intend to easily find myself being honest about where I stand in my friendship, even if the other person fees differently”;

“I intend to easily find myself open to considering alternative points of view”;

“I intend for all stubborn attachment to my own perceptions totally lifted from me”;

“I intend for complete healing to occur in the are of ___(above body area ruled by Aquarius)”;

“I intend to easily attract, recognize, and begin working with the right healers for me that restore my ___ (body area ruled by Aquarius) to perfect health”;

“I intend to create a new blogging site”;

“I intend to gather information or conduct research for my book/writing project”.

As you come up with your wish list or do your meditation rituals or visualization, please pay particular attention to the area of HUMANITARIANISM.  Please keep in mind also the messages that are contained in my posts:  Why Not Now? – Staying in Alignment and A Vision of a Beautiful New World.

Of all the wishes suggested or other wishes that you come up with, please include the wish below.  Or, if you can only hold this vision on the day of the new moon, or offer it as a prayer or as your intention for the day, that will already be quite powerful.  It will also send the message to the collective consciousness and signal the cosmos and the Universe to respond accordingly:

“I [intend to] easily see myself as part of a community that is living in truth and transparency and in alignment with the earth”.

The most potent times to make a wish on this January New Moon are:

Monday, January 23: 2:39 am – midnight
Tuesday, January 24: all day and night
Wednesday, January 25: 12:01 am – 3:34 am & 4:11 am – midnight.

These times are in Eastern Standard Time.  To convert to your local time, click here.  To know more about this month’s New Moon, click here.

Archangel Gabriel is Lord of the Moon and the governor of the winter season.  As we are still in the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere, you may also want to invoke Archangel Gabriel during this New Moon to assist you in the manifestation of your wishes.

Happy Wishing and Happy New Moon!!!


Spiller, J. (2001). New moon astrology: Using new moon power days to change and revitalize your life. New York: Bantam Books.

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Copyright © 2011-2012 Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, M.A. and Aligning With Truth



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