Human Energy System – Meridians and Chakras

“The human body is not a thing or substance, given, but a continuous creation. The human body is an energy system which is never a complete structure; never static; is in perpetual inner self-construction and self-destruction; we destroy in order to make it new.” 

~ Norman Oliver Brown,  American classicist, 1913-2002

The physical body is the last level of the human system that an imbalanced energy shows up in the form of an illness.  This energy is a subtle energy, a life-force which recreates and restores the cellular components of living systems.

In order to better and truly take care of ourselves and our well-being, we need to shift how we view our bodies. We need to realize that the human body is much more than just a physical body.  It is a system of various levels and dimensions of subtle energy that are interconnected and interdependent.

As a multidimensional human being, there are energies that emanate from, flow through, within, into and out of our physical body.  Maintaining the free-flowing of these energies and keeping them balanced is the key to our well-being.

The channels through which these energies flow, and the systems managing the energies, are not physical systems.  They cannot be seen with our naked eye or physically located in the human body.  This is the main reason why there’s still much skepticism from mainstream medicine on the concept and role of subtle energy in our health and wellness — even if it has been used by ancient healing traditions long before the birth of science and Western medicine.  See related article, The Role of Subtle Energy in Health and Wellness for 2012 and Beyond.

Factors affecting the flow of energy and our well-being

According to western medicine, we get ill when we are exposed to an infectious bacterium, virus, allergen, chemical toxins, our body experiences a trauma, or we inherit an abnormal gene.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends the following guidelines for disease prevention:  eat smart, exercise regularly, get routine health screenings, be an active participant in managing your health, lead a healthy lifestyle, have routine vaccination and immunization.

These recommendations though are directed and limited only to the physical dimension of our bodies.  They address only the physical aspect of our health and well-being.

In addition, there are other factors not acknowledged by western medicine that influence our ability to stay well or get ill.  These include consciousness, our attitude and beliefs, thoughts, emotions, our relationships.  The flow of the subtle energies in our bodies and keeping them balanced are greatly affected by these factors.

An imbalance in our energies can be caused by something that’s either mental or emotional in origin. Long before we get sick, there can be a thought or an emotion that has not been properly processed, expressed or attended to. This results in a blocked energy somewhere in our system which affects the functioning of our body. We then develop an illness or a dis-ease.

When we are able to properly address our mental or emotional issues, the energies flow freely and smoothly. We are in an optimal and balanced state of well-being.

When we have emotional or mental issues, such as a disempowering thought or an unexpressed emotion, or if we stay in unsupportive or abusive relationships, or stay in unhealthy living conditions or environment, there is an imbalance or a build-up of ‘negative’ or low-vibrating energy. The normal flow of energy is blocked. The build-up of this blocked energy manifests eventually as illness in the physical body.

Utilizing acupuncture or chakra therapy are some of the ways that can help in freeing up these blocked energies and bringing them into balance.

Acupuncture is a therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine that employs the insertion of needles in various acupuncture points in the body to remove energy blockages. These points are connected along various meridians, with the points and meridians corresponding to specific organs and systems in our bodies.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “disk”, “vortex”, or “wheel”. Chakra is an energy center that regulates the flow of energy in our bodies. The traditional chakra system includes seven basic chakras or energy centers energetically located along the spinal column. Doing chakra therapy, the crux of ancient Indian healing tradition, helps keep the chakras balanced and energy flowing freely. Chakra therapy includes the use of vibrational therapies (essential oils, herbs, flower essences, color, sound), energy balancing or hands-on healing techniques such as Reiki (a Japanese laying-on hands healing technique), yoga, meditation and affirmation, journaling, and other spiritual practices.

There’s still skepticism amongst Western medical community on these forms of therapy. They refuse to acknowledge, “officially” at least, the existence of a subtle energy or life force that’s regulating the flow and functioning of our bodily organs and systems. Conventional medicine has dismissed the therapeutic effects of such therapies as mere placebo effect.

Regardless, I have been receiving acupuncture treatments and incorporating chakra therapy in my healing journey for several years.  With all the stressors in our lives due to our modern lifestyles and toxicity in our environment, I’m able to keep my balance, not to mention my sanity, and maintain my well-being, thanks to acupuncture and chakra therapy.


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