One With Thee


Higher Power


The All


The Ultimate



Absolute Truth

Great Spirit

Ultimate Reality





The Absolute


The Great Being




Alpha and Omega

The Way

The One

The All That Is

The Almighty

Supreme Being

Infinite Love

Infinite Light




A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet,

Your name, by however else we call You, still rings as true and makes me feel complete,

And on this day of the Epiphany,

May we all remember that we are all one, and one are we with Thee.

Photo credit AlicePopkorn


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About NadineMarie (Aligning With Truth)

I find much joy & fulfillment in sharing my experiences & insights through writing & blogging. I created the site, ALIGNING WITH TRUTH as a virtual center for healing where I share my thoughts & reflections, as well as the tools & resources that are helping me as I move along the path of awakening & coming home to the Self. As I live in joy & align with Truth, I AM shining my Light which is how I contribute to the planetary & humanity ascension. Brightest & Magical Blessings!!! Om Shanti. Namaste...💗💖💜Nadine Marie💜💖💗
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6 Responses to One With Thee

  1. Beautiful Nadine! Thank you for sharing, expressing your truth, your gift and your words… I am grateful to connect and discover your work.
    Warm Blessings~


  2. Oh, you’re most welcome Jason and thank you too! Likewise, I’m happy to have found your work as well. Blessings and love & light!!!


  3. Noel says:

    Different languages…. same message.


  4. tomkuoh says:

    lovely to see so many names of God. I’m touched by each one. In the first verse of the ancient Chinese text Tao Te Ching, it says, “The Tao that can be named is not the real Tao, The Tao that can be known is not the real Tao.” The Kabbalists, the esoteric sect of Judism has the name YHVH with no vowels in between as the name of God. They believed that it can’t be pronounced and should not be pronounced. From that we get Yahovah, or Yahweh, or G-d.

    I think what it means is not to take any one name too seriously, not one is better than another, and that the creative force of the universe really can’t be quantified by a name, that any name would be a creation, and not the creator.

    Fun stuff. Best…


    • Absolutely! And thank you for pointing out what the Tao Te Ching says. I also think that’s why there are so many names that we’re coming up with, yet not one can truly and fully fit what we’re attempting to name. We’re naming, describing what is so much grander than our limited human capacities, using language, which in and of itself has its own limitations.


  5. tomkuoh says:

    just to throw in a few more…

    Bhagavan (the personalization of the God entitiy, such as Bhagavan Jesus, Bhagavan Rama, etc)

    Bodhisattva (an enlightened being that vows to help all become enlightened, eg. Avalokitswara, Jesus, Gautama Buddha, etc)

    Some names of Modern day Saints that I love.
    Neem Karoli Baba
    Harilal Poonji
    Amritanandamayi Devi (amma)
    Adi Da
    Puppetji (look it up on Google for a good laugh)

    Any attempt at calling God something or trying to understand it is a Bhagavan. God can not be known other than having some personalization, assigned qualities, made undertandable to our mind.

    Cheers, T


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