Limiting Beliefs

Are things not going well in your life?  Do you feel something is off?  Do you feel out of sorts?  Does everything or anything that you attempt to do seem to fail?  Do you feel stuck?  Are you losing hope?  Do you feel something just isn’t right but you can’t really tell what or why?  

A limiting belief could be the answer.  There could be a limiting belief that’s holding you back.  Perhaps it is time that you examine what those beliefs are and replace them with empowering ones. 

It’s time you subscribe only to those that encourage and uplift you, the ones that expand rather than restrict the fullness of your experiences and richness of your lives. 

What is a limiting belief?

A limiting belief is a thought that we hold to be true about ourselves or others that prevent us from experiencing endless possibilities about an individual, place, thing, or situation.  

What are some of these limiting beliefs?

I am unworthy * I am not good enough * I am too ___________ (short, fat, dark, skinny, slow, smart, quiet, shy, masculine/feminine, independent, needy, weak, etc.) that’s why I’m not in a relationship * Men/boys are not supposed to cry * Life is difficult * I wonder if I’ll suffer from cancer like my mother….. * I’d rather be blissfully single than miserably married * If I forgive, that means I need to be friends/get back together with him/her * When I’m always laughing, something awful will eventually happen that’s why I’m careful and afraid when I’m happy all the time * We have to work hard and put in long hours to earn money/to get to the top * When I feel angry (or any other low vibrating emotion like scared, hurt, disappointed, irritated, frustrated, cranky), I’m not spiritual enough * It’s hard to reach the top * I am not creative * White/fair skin is better/more beautiful than brown/dark skin * Taller/bigger is better * Opportunity knocks only once

The list goes on and on.  And I’m sure you have others that you can add to the list. 

We are programmed to adhere to these beliefs since birth.  Often, we are not allowed to question or to even choose if such a belief is acceptable or applicable to us or not.  A belief is non-negotiable, or at least that’s how we were led to think it to be so. 

How do we learn these beliefs?

 These beliefs are imposed upon us by external figures of authority, usually unconsciously — our families, companions/partners/spouses, friends, culture, school, society, church.  The media often plays upon this and reinforces the messages.  These beliefs are “validated” by these messages and before long, we are blinded by these beliefs.   

When we start to have snippets of awakening moments, we question the validity of these beliefs.  But we’re afraid that we might be seen as a rebel.  We might be perceived as a deviant, weird, stubborn, attention-grabbing, uncooperative, being difficult, out-of-this-world, going crazy, out of our mind, etc. 

Yet, there is that strong voice within us that is nudging us to ask, to question.   But we don’t know who to turn to for clarity and how to find the answers.  We don’t know where to begin.  

How do we transform limiting beliefs? 

By being curious.  By having an inquisitive mind.  By re-examining our beliefs. 

Challenge yourself and others.  Ask. 

How is this serving me?  How true is this belief for me?  Is this empowering me?  Does this make me feel expansive?  Does it make me feel joyful and come alive? 

If something doesn’t ring true, or doesn’t even have some sense of truth, we can choose to discard it and replace it with another.  If it feels constrictive, it could be a limiting belief that’s not serving us well.

How about replacing the above limiting beliefs with:

I am worthy * I am good enough * I am not in a relationship and that’s ok * Men/boys do cry * Life gives me opportunities for growth * I am doing my best to keep my health in an optimal state * I am blissful * I am releasing the part of me that is hurting from what was done to me * My happiness will attract more of the same happy moments * I am always provided for * There is enough for everyone * Feeling angry (or any other low vibrating emotion like scared, hurt, disappointed, irritated, frustrated, cranky) is part of the human experience * I am creative * The color of one’s skin (or educational attainment, religion, job title, age, physique, or any other form of labelling) does not define a person * Opportunities are endless

Which list makes you feel liberated?

In the end, no one can be held accountable and responsible for yourself and your life other than YOU.  Regardless of what has been passed on to us, we have the power to choose.

We all have an inner teacher that guides us. We all have the Wise One that knows.

And at the end of the day, it is only between you and your God, whoever or whatever that God is for you, and with whatever name YOU call Him/Her/It.   And that is a belief that may be worth re-examining.

 # # #

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