Father-Mother God, Heal Our Land


The Philippines is undoubtedly going through one of its numerous challenging and defining moments once more.  And it most certainly is a time for praying and for healing.

Whichever camp we belong to, the arrest of former president and now Congressman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) is bringing up a lot anger and pain to many, if not all of us.

We may not be in the position to make the decisions regarding this matter, but we do have all the power within us to influence the course and outcome of this situation.

We can pray and send light to all people concerned.  Cursing isn’t helping.   Neither are entertaining fearful thoughts.  Let us instead, pray for our own personal healing.  This is surely bringing up a lot of our own stuff, our own unresolved hurts, our own emotional baggage.  Many of us unknowingly project on our own issues to GMA and to all the people concerned and involved.

And rather than focus only on the events that are taking place, and on the people who are directly or indirectly involved, we can use this opportunity to do our own self-examination.  Each time we have an intense emotional reaction, we can ask ourselves, where within us is that emotion or reaction coming from?  What is being triggered?  Why am I being triggered?  When was I unjust and unfair?  When did I cheat, lie and betray?  When did I judge, misjudge, prejudge?  Have I attempted to run away from a responsibility?  Have I attempted to get away from the consequences of an unwise choice? Have I defied order from authority?  When was I pretentious?  When did I abuse or misuse my power?  How am I using my own personal power?  Am I empowering or disempowering myself and others?

I am not saying that we condone or ignore any wrongful act or ill behavior.  But as we witness the drama that is unfolding before us, I invite all of us to pay equal attention to anything and everything that is getting stirred within us.  Our own internal stuff are most certainly being brought to the surface in order to be healed.  The Law of Mirroring is surely at work here, right now.   The situation is mirroring back to us parts of us that are in need of cleansing and healing.  What we see in another is a reflection of what is within.  What we cannot stand in another is a disowned part of ourselves.  What we find deplorable and unacceptable in the other is a part of us that we have not fully embraced and integrated in us.

It is a time for healing, a time for cleansing and purifying, a time for going within.  It is a time for forgiving ourselves and others, for any wrongdoing and any harm inflicted, knowingly or not.  It is a time not only for forgiving but also  for giving love and compassion, to ourselves and those who have wronged us.  It is a time to be more accepting of our fellow countrymen and fellow human beings.  It is a time for asking for all of us to be led and guided by the voice within.

It is also a time to be grateful for all the healing and cleansing that’s occurring.  As we heal ourselves, we help heal the rest of the Filipinos and humanity.  The healing that takes place at the individual level affects the collective.

As we watch and read the news, let us consciously ask for Divine guidance for all of us.  Let us pray that it is the yearning of our Higher Selves, rather than our egoic, selfish selves that will be fulfilled.  Let us pray for justice to be rightfully served, justice that is defined by and aligned only with the DIVINE WILL and with TRUTH.  And May Our Truth Set Us Free!!

The song performed by Jamie Rivera, Heal Our Land,  is most fitting during this time.

If my people will humble themselves
Humble themselves and pray
If they seek my face and humble themselves
And turn from their wicked ways

I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins
I will hear from heaven and heal their land

Lord, heal our land
Father, heal our land
Hear our cry and turn our nation back to You
Lord, heal our land
Hear us oh, Lord, and heal our land
Forgive our sin and heal our broken land

Lord, we vow our knee, we humble ourselves
Humble ourselves and pray
Lord, we seek your face and humble ourselves
And turn from my wicked ways

Father in Your mercy, forgive our sins
Father in Your mercy, come heal our land

[Repeat CHORUS twice]

(Lord, heal our land
Father, heal our land)
Hear our cry and heal our broken land

# # #

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